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Rifles vs. Pistols: The Basics of Terminal Ballistics

Concepts that should be better understood in the shooting world.



You Vs. The Crowd

Thinking about public defensive encounters.



Glock Gen Differences: The Complete Guide to Glock Generations

For you Glock fans.



50 Years of Tragedy

“Trust The Trainers. Regardless of the topic, most agencies have someone that has made it their mission to be an expert in the area. The problem is that most of them haven’t sewed on stripes or obtained some higher rank that gives them a seat at the boring table. If a leader wants to provide their officers with the safest environment possible, empower those that are dedicated in doing just that.”



The MPOETC Patrol Rifle Qual

A shooting drill for those of you who carry/deploy rifles for home defense.



5 Concealed Carry Myths Busted

You would be surprised how commonly I hear people talking about these CCW myths.  Let Massad Ayoob set you straight.



The Tyranny of Emotion – Study

“I hate to break this to you, but… the world is generally better and safer than you think. At the very least, things have gotten better over time. If you could choose to travel back to any point in human history where most people have the best chances at safety and prosperity, the data says you should stay here in the present. Sorry about that!”



The Comeback of the Lever-Action Rifle

I really wouldn’t feel undergunned if I was forced to rely on a lever gun for home protection.



You Are Standing Where?

My cop friends should be paying attention to these issues.



Low fundamental and formant frequencies predict fighting ability among male mixed martial arts fighters

Very interesting research.

“Our findings suggest that lower male pitch and formants may be valid cues of some components of fighting ability in men.”



5 Tips For Improving Your Indoor Shooting Range Session

Good tips for those of you forced to train on restrictive indoor shooting ranges.



Basic Wound Management: Fundamentals of Sutures and First Aid

If you want some practice with these skill sets, sign up for my “Systems Collapse” medical classes.



Flashback: The Deringer

The history of an iconic pistol design.



Stealth Draw Here are some street-proven tricks

These are important tactics that most concealed carriers fail to grasp.



Whither Gun Culture 3.0?

Unfortunately this seems like a fairly accurate prediction to me.



Tips On Buying Used Handguns

Some things to look at when evaluating a used handgun for purchase.



DIY Revolver Modifications

The late Tiger McKee discusses some modifications to make your revolver more useful.



Use of Force in Defense of Pets

In spite of your personal feelings, your pets are not considered “family” under the law.



FREE Dry Fire Targets!!

All of you shooters will find this post useful.



ashes to ashes, dust to dust


Yesterday I posted an article about my recent experiences surviving Burning Man.  The traveling companion I mentioned in the article is my friend Nathalie.  I met Nathalie on a very adventurous trip to Costa Rica a few years ago and she accompanied me to Burning Man this year.  Here are her impressions of the event. 

Nathalie is incredibly smart and a far better writer than I am.  She has recently left a very lucrative corporate HR career to focus on her own business coaching, teaching, and developing leaders.  If your business is in need of some HR or leadership development, I’d encourage you to contact her.



Single-Handed Shooting: Why Practice It?

“If you’re like me, you can probably cast your mind back over the last 10 or 20 years and not remember a single gun battle with ninjas. Yet, there are probably a few weeks, or even months, in that same time period where you were short a flipper due to some pedestrian reason like a slip-and-fall in the bathroom, a spill off the neighbor kid’s skateboard, or a botched slide into third at the company softball game.”



In Argentina, Organized Groups Are Looting Stores for Food as Inflation Exceeds 100%

These crime trends are also happening in parts of the USA now.



Gun-Free Zones Kill: Data Shows Armed Citizens Stop Mass Killers Most of the Time

“That is profound. Ordinary citizens stopped about 1,800 murders, and for some reason, the mainstream media and the FBI have ignored it. We can learn a lot from the stories the mainstream media refuse to talk about.”



Active Response Training Extreme Close Quarters Gun Fighting

Thanks to Uncle Zo for the outstandingly thorough review of my recent class at KR Training. I’ll be doing a two-day version of the class there early next year.



Braintrust Assembled: Dustin Salomon, John Hearne, and John Holschen

Some incredibly smart men talk about firearms training.



Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Shotgun Review

For anyone interested in the new Beretta A300.




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