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Optics Versus Irons on Pistols

The irons vs. optics debate.



3 Things To Know About Wheelchair CCW

Carrying in a wheelchair or scooter.



Debunking the CAP Fact Sheet

A perspective you won’t see in the mainstream media.



Resistance is Never Futile

“Fight back. Always.”



Collaring Brain Injuries

This might be worth checking out for those of you who have suffered TBIs.



Rangemaster June Newsletter

The always valuable Rangemaster newsletter.



Organizing, Training & Running a House of Worship Armed Congregant Security Team Part 1

Manny drops some knowledge about church security teams.  After you read the article, check out the ACLDN and consider becoming a member.




I call it a “psychological stop” and it happens with stunning frequency.  People don’t want to be shot with any caliber gun.



Research: Startle Response and Firearm Draws

How the startle response affects draw speed.



Influencer Vs. Expert: How to know who to trust for advice on firearms and self-defense!

The terms “influencer” and “expert” are not always synonymous.



Spotting Danger for Travelers: Build situational awareness to keep safe while traveling

What I’m reading….



Massad Ayoob’s Tips for Older Shooters

Massad Ayoob shares some excellent tips for us aging shooters.



What Ages Should Children Start Learning About Emergency Preparedness

Required reading for parents and grandparents.



Leading in Use of Force Incidents

All my cop readers know this.  I think it’s useless to try to fix such a screwed up system.  If you aren’t a cop, I’d commend your attention to this article.  How do you think such a reality affects the police hiring process?  Why would anyone want to be a police officer under these conditions?  Is the quality of officer candidates likely to improve or degrade?  How does that affect your personal safety.



Killing Our Students

On a similar topic to the one I mentioned above, even police firearms instructors are getting worse.  Here’s Clint Smith’s take:

“As of right now, I am truly embarrassed I was a cop. I am truly embarrassed this — using the term very loosely — “firearms instructor” killed another cop.

I am truly embarrassed we are not gonna do a damn thing about it. As a matter of fact right now I am truly embarrassed to be a human being on a planet with someone else this stupid sucking in the same air. And as God as my witness, I’ll be glad when the day comes I can retire, if for no other reason as to not have myself associated with the words “firearms instructor.” Especially as long as there people who point guns at their students while claiming to do what I do for living and call themselves a firearms instructor.”



Retired Law Enforcement Carrying Firearms—An Overview of LEOSA

Despite my obvious frustration with the current state of policing, LEOSA is something for which I am grateful.



The Era of the Flintlock

Marlan gives us all a very solid history lesson.



KABOOM REPORTS: Egyptian Surplus In A Kel-Tec Edition

When I was the department training officer, I would occasionally get donations of Egyptian surplus pistol ammo from people in the community.  Usually they bought a large amount of the ammo for a cheap price at a gun show.  It generally proves to be so unreliable, that the original purchaser just wants to get rid of it.  They usually dumped it at the police department.

I’ve shot a bunch of it over the years.  It is without a doubt the worst ammo I’ve ever seen.  Lots of squibs, casehead separations, and split cases.  I won’t shoot it anymore.  Don’t buy any Egyptian surplus ammo.  It usually comes in thin cardboard packaging (often pink colored) with Arabic writing on it.  Most of the boxes are rectangular and hold 20 rounds.  Stay away.



ANOTHER Tactical Belt?

I’ve been wearing the EDC Belt Co. belt every day for the past couple years.  It’s the only belt I wear unless I am wearing more formal attire.



Speaking of Taurus, a lot of revolver articles cover ways to upgrade S&W or Ruger revolvers.  This article is one of the few that uses a Taurus revolver as a base gun for improvement.



The Five Stages of Skill Development

I find it fascinating that people still don’t understand these developmental stages.  I’ve been using them in my classes for more than two decades.



Yet another case of open carry deterring crime.



Time Running Out on Pistol Braces: What To Do?

If you have a pistol equipped with a stabilizing brace, it’s now officially illegal.  Here are some options for staying out of jail.

One additional option is to join the FPC.  The courts have currently placed an injunction against enforcement of the law for FPC members as the result of a lawsuit.



How To Increase Your Situational Awareness: 6 Tips To Be Safer from Arminius Tribe

“You don’t have to become an expert at profiling and methods of attack, but arming yourself with some basic knowledge is a very good idea. It will make you recognize deviations from the ‘ normality’ baseline and often used methods of attack.”



From Tactical Tampons to Top-Notch Tools: Unveiling the Essentials of a Stop the Bleed Kit

Important items to add to your trauma kit.  I would also say that if you didn’t know about these items before reading the article, your should probably seek more training before buying more stuff.



World War Two Firearm Quals

Looking for some shooting drills to try?  How about some old school World War Two qualifications?



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