two gators fight on golf course

There are 1.25 million gators in Florida. BdbradberryFL via YouTube

Most of us don’t automatically associate a golf outing with life-threatening danger, but golf courses can supply near-perfect habitat conditions for gators, especially in Florida. Earlier this week, we reported on the havoc that alligator mating season has been causing this spring in the Sunshine State. Well, it’s far from the first time gators have caused a stir in Florida. Here’s a look back at one of the most intense gator interactions we’ve ever seen.

Back in 2011, YouTuber BdbradberryFL filmed two gators as they were locked in battle at the Eagles Golf Club in Odessa, Florida, back. In the clip, a crowd of golfers appears transfixed as the beasts bite and flip each other—except for one golfer, who apparently just wants to play through. A single tooth was lost in the 3-minute scuffle, but both gators eventually slunk back into the water without any apparent critical injuries.

Watch out for water hazards this weekend.

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