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An emergency blanket is something good to have on hand, whether you’re going camping deep in the wilderness or stocking up your survival kit. Right now, you can get the Go Time Gear Life Bivvy Emergency Blanket and Sleeping Bag on sale at Amazon for nearly 40 percent off. The compact cover is just $18 during this deal.

This emergency blanket is about as tough and durable as it gets. Made with waterproof and tear- and puncture-resistant Mylar, it features a reflective interior that reflects your own body heat to keep you warm along with seam-sealed edges to protect you from the elements. Despite it’s large size, you can roll it up smaller than a soda can for easy storage and portability—it’s that lightweight. The included stuff sack also has a paracord drawstring that can be used to start a fire and a 120-decibel emergency whistle.

Grab this amazing deal while you can and add the Life Bivy to your bug out bag or camping arsenal. You never know when you’ll need it.

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