The two-day event, held outside of Bozeman, Montana, was a new challenge and competition for the dynamic duo.

Columbia Falls, Mont. (June 2023) –The Tactical Games Sniper Challenge was a new competition for PROOF Research®’s Weapons Test Specialist Greg Hamilton and Sean Murphy of Nightforce Optics, but it did not slow down their winning streak. The duo took 1st Place Team at the Tactical Games Sniper Challenge which took place outside of Bozeman, Montana at the TacTic Range, from June 10 – 11, 2023.

The challenge tested the teams’ target recognition, ranging, wind calling, non-standard shooting positions, problem-solving, and physical stress management. The challenge also used time-plus scoring, emphasizing speed as a component during engagements, with hefty penalties for targets not hit, or failed to be engaged.

“The Tactical Games Sniper Challenge was a new event for us that required a lot of preparation due to the shooting and physical components,” Murphy explained. “We chose the Conviction rifle due to its precision capability in a lightweight package for carrying across multiple miles of Montana hills. The performance of these rifles was as expected, delivering precise shots on target and allowing us to excel.”

Murphy shot as primary using a PROOF Research Conviction 6mm Creedmoor rifle and Greg Hamilton shot as secondary using a PROOF Research .223 Conviction rifle. The Conviction rifle combines PROOF’s patented carbon fiber barrel with their laid carbon fiber stock resulting in a superior lightweight, robust, long-range tactical system. It features an adjustable cheekpiece, near vertical grip, standard low-profile flush cups, and a wider forearm to accommodate an EFR mount.

PROOF Research is a well-known brand within the precision rifle community and is one of the leading barrel brands used by champion competitors in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL). Developed to enhance mission success for our warfighters, PROOF Research’s carbon fiber barrels are designed for long-range accuracy, performance, and reliability under any environmental condition.

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