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The Perils Of Carrying An Unusual Pistol

Tamara brings up an important point that many new gun owners fail to consider when making a firearms purchase.



Guest Shot: My 9mm Journey

Dave Spaulding shares his experiences in regards to handgun stopping power.



A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice

Mythbusting female concealed carry advice.



.30 Carbine: The Most Expensive Underpowered Cartridge Ever Produced?

A lot of quality information about the .30 carbine.  I think the rifle is a great defensive choice for folks who aren’t strong enough to hold up an AR-15.



Off-Centerline Tool Carry – Every-Day Carry

Chris Fry from MDTS writes an excellent article on the optimal way to position defensive tools on your belt.



Federal Punch 22 LR vs CCI Mini Mag Ballistics Gel Test

Caleb compares two popular .22 long rifle defensive loads out of a mid-sized handgun.



Tips for Shooting a Snub Nose Revolver

As always, Lucky Gunner delivers.



11 Everyday Safety Tips

Quick tips for enhanced longevity.



Drill: Finding Your Level

A handgun drill you can try at your next practice session.  Need some more practice?  Try Skills Check: Strength Through Strong Hand Only or The Devil Drill.

I post a lot of shooting drills on this site.  Here is a good explanation why you should be incorporating structured drills into your training routine.



Defending Against Empty-Hand Attacks

Discussing the realities of defending yourself against an “unarmed” opponent.



Cool Features in Theory, not so Much in Practice

I’m getting lots of questions about this tourniquet.  It may be great, but it doesn’t yet have the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care’s recommendation yet.  I wouldn’t carry it until it reaches “recommended” status.



When everything is a mass shooting then nothing is…

Every organization has its own definition for “mass shooting.”  It’s prudent to understand the differences before drawing any conclusions.



Winning an Armed Encounter with Jared Reston

This is one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever viewed.  Jared Reston is impressive and conveys a whole lot of information about mindset in this lecture.  A dude who has been shot seven times, been in four gunfights himself, and been on scene (without shooting) for 15 more gunfights has learned a few things.  I wish I could make this mandatory viewing for all my cop friends.

Pay special attention to Jared’s advice on training around the 1:32:00 mark.

Thanks to Carry Trainer for posting the video.



The Unintentional Target

In the real world, there are no “misses” only “unintentional hits.”  The bullets you fire have to go somewhere.



Painting Over Rust: Stories From a 20 Year Odyssey in the FBI

What I’m reading…

Although I’ve never met Special Agent Fuller in person, we have lots of mutual friends and I’ve been interacting with him online for more than a decade.  I’m enjoying his memoirs.



Intervention, Vel Non

You may think you know what’s happening, but you probably don’t.  This is a story that illustrates that idea perfectly.  Remember the advice of the Mountain Guerilla “Not your people, not your problem.”

Read the Tactical Professor’s thoughts on another 3rd party intervention in Can-May-Must-Should in One Incident.



What students know that experts don’t: School is all about signaling, not skill-building

A university professor explains how the entire educational system is rigged to value credentials over actual skills and experience.  I see the exact same thing in the firearms training industry.  The “credential” of simply being a police officer  or in the military has more value to prospective students than any “civilian” who has spent thousands of hours studying, training, and perfecting his craft.  You can also see this playing out with some of the crappy NRA “instructors” teaching CCW classes.  They have the “instructor” credential, but they have none of the skills to do the job well.

Success in future endeavors will come to those who can discern the difference between “credentialed” and “skilled” in all fields of study.



Woman Valiantly Fights Off Attacker In Apartment Gym

Sometimes “safe” places aren’t as safe as you think.



Pistolsmithing Let’s Talk About Sights

Tips for adjusting dovetailed sights.



Choosing an Everyday Carry Handheld Flashlight

Good flashlight advice.  I generally carry the same Fenix PD35.  I like my lights to be small enough to fit in the pocket, but still large enough to be used as an impact weapon in necessary.



Why I Have a Potty Mouth

I regularly receive emails and comments urging me to reduce the relatively minimal level of profanity I use in my articles.  It’s not going to happen.  Mark Manson describes the wonderful utility that profane language provides in this excellent article.

“That is the power of well-used profanity. That is why it has existed for tens of thousands of years in every language and why it will continue to do so. And that also is why it will continue to be used effectively as a tool for dealing with the pain and unpleasantness of life. Because as humans, we all need uncomfortable words to deal with uncomfortable subjects. Because those words ease us into those subjects and help us feel comfortable with them. Because fuck that pain. Fuck that unpleasantness. And if you’re offended, fuck you too, while we’re at it.

I mean that in the most loving way possible, of course. Fuck you. Because if you can’t get past a simple four-letter word and see the world of meaning and intention it comes wrapped in, then you’re probably not who I’m writing for anyway.”



Must See – Gun Disarm Surveillance Video Reveals so Much

Yet another open carry disarm.  Keep your weapons hidden.  This isn’t an isolated incident.  Follow this link to see more than 100 similar disarms in the last few years.

While you are on the website, check out their research about why CCW licensees don’t carry their guns more often.



Opioid Overdose: How to Recognize and Treat

Did you know that opioid overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-44?  Learn how to recognize and treat an overdose here.



How Many .308 Hits Can a Level IV Plate Survive?

An interesting ballistic test.




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