Sneak Peek – Pohl Force Prepper S.E.R.E.

With the Prepper One series, Pohl Force introduced a completely new knife concept for bushcrafters and outdoor enthusiasts in 2016: Compact in overall size, a blade length that complies with German weapons regulations (below 12 cm) and a hollow handle for storing survival utensils. After just a short time, Dietmar Pohl’s design became a real classic among outdoor fans.

In 2023, the Prepper One formed the basis for the further development of a completely new generation, which now focuses on the needs of crew members of civilian and, in particular, military aircraft. The term S.E.R.E. refers to the ability to survive, evade, resist and escape. The Prepper S.E.R.E. was developed with this application profile in mind.

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