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Patterning the Judge Home Defender Part 1 – Judge Centric .410

Patterning a large selection of .410 defensive loads.  Read Patterning the Judge Home Defender Part 2 – Normal Buckshot as well.



The Lipsey’s – Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frames, Part II

A comprehensive article about the new Lispeys snubby revolvers.  Here is another review of the .32 Magnum model.  If you would rather watch a video about them, see this week’s Triggered episode.

And while we are on the topic of snubby revolvers, you might also like to read Benefits of a revolver for home defense and The Tactical Professor’s Improving Snub Sight Visibility, Again.



Don’t let that instructor title go to your head

Words of wisdom for my instructor friends.  On the same topic, you should also check out What’s A “Good” Instructor Course Of Fire?



This is an old article from a now-defunct website.  It’s hard to read, but worth the effort.  The late Walt Rauch had a lot of ideas that were ahead of his time.  Even though his book is long out of print, it’s a very useful reference for anyone who carries a gun.




Ultimate Guide to AR-15 Barrel Profiles: Choose the Right One

Some quality information about AR-15 barrel profiles.  After carrying an AR-15 daily at work for 20+ years, I’ll take the pencil barrel every time.

On the topic of AR-15s, you might also like the ballistic testing demonstrated in Good or Garbage in SBRs? 77gr OTM 5.56 from Black Hills.



April Newsletter

Rangemaster’s monthly newsletter for your reading pleasure.



Ins and Outs of Pocket Carry

“Understand from the beginning that pocket draw has great strengths and great weaknesses. The weakness is that if you start with your hands clear, it’s slow. But one strength is that if you see danger coming and get your hand into that pocket and onto the concealed gun beforehand, it’s one of the fastest draws there is.”



The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastery


The complete formula for mastering anything.



March 2024 – Drill of the Month

A shooting drill to try the next time you go to the range.  If you want an old school shooting drill, try The Mexican and Yaqui Defense Courses (1964).



Officer Shot While Chasing Fleeing Felon

Consider this case the next time you hear that a police officer has shot someone in the back.



Changing the rear sight blade on a Smith and Wesson revolver

Having done this a couple times, I will say that what should be a very simple replacement is far more complex than it seems.



Gun Violence Statistics 2024: A Comprehensive Look at the Data

A deep dive into a lot of firearms and violence statistics.



“This ain’t free, ya know.”

Having taught on a bay last weekend next to an instructor who was screaming at his beginning CCW students through a bullhorn, I embrace Adam’s advice here.

“Just be respectful and kind out there, to strangers, to our students, and to each other. We instructors owe it to our profession to portray the positive side of both our craft and of humanity.”



The .22 LR Pistol and You

22 Beretta BobcatThe .22 for self defense?  Here are a few justifications you may not have considered.  For another perspective, read Why I’d Rather Carry a .22 LR Over a .380 ACP.



Shotguns Vs. Rifles for Bear Defense: Which is Best?

From one extreme to another.  Going from the rimfire articles above to talking about medicine for big bears.



The Greater Good: A Novel of Divided America

What I’m reading…




One-Handed Survival Shooting Techniques – Necessary or Fluff?

Mike Seeklander shares his wisdom with regard to the necessity of one-handed weapon handling skills.



The Complete Combatant: Recognize Pre-Violence Signals

If you know what to look for, you can get an early warning to potential violence.  If you want even more information about the topic, read Spotting the Bad Guy.



Byrna SD Less Lethal Launcher Review

Last week I posted a link to an evaluation of less lethal shotgun rounds.  Here’s a review of a tool that is getting a lot of advertising on talk radio shows.  I’m not a fan.  From the article:

“My experience with the Byrna SD Less Lethal Launcher is less than stellar. Between ineffective OC projectiles, reliability issues, a high price tag, and it still being capable of lethal force, it’s not for me. I also don’t think it’s for you. My recommendation is to steer clear of this product. If you need a less lethal tool, choose a quality pepper spray from Sabre or POM, that’s what I carry. Those are far more versatile, less expensive, and carry far less risk for the user.”



Distance Shooting: Myth of the Average Engagement

“There is no doubt that training should have a reason, and it should reflect the reality of the street. And if the average police shooting takes place at seven yards and in, shouldn’t all training do so too?

The answer is: If you as a private citizen or a cop gets in a shooting incident, you have busted the average.

What does this mean? That we shouldn’t train? Not at all. What it means is that we need to properly train, and that includes training not only for the “average” encounter, but rather for the realistic potential.”



Front Sight Focus: Myth or Mandatory?

Dave Spaulding’s take on front sight focus.



The Day the (Pistol) Universe Changed

Tamara gives us a pistol history lesson.  For even more history, read 1918 Protection Pistol Course of Fire.





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