For all of you folks who get tired of reading my long articles, I have some audio content for you today.


I did two podcast interviews that were recently published.



The first is with Gila Hayes from the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund.  It’s called “Safety in Unfamiliar Environments.”   I really like how this one turned out.  It may be the most informative podcast I’ve ever done.   You can watch it in the embedded YouTube video below.  The ACLDN also produced a shortened and edited transcription of the high points on their website HERE.







The second podcast was with prolific author Alain Burrese.  It covers some of the same topics, but contains a lot of travel information and advice as well.  You can find Alain’s podcast on his blog, on FaceBook Video, and as well as on whatever  podcast streaming service you use.  An audio-only version of the podcast is available at this link.





I hope you all enjoy.  Stay tuned.  I’ll be doing a few more podcast interviews in the future.




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