CGS Group LLC (CGS), a trailblazing force in the world of small arms and suppressor material innovation, proudly announces the official distribution rights for Law Enforcement (LE) and government sales of Combat Application Technologies (CAT) in the United States. The addition of the CAT brand to CGS, only strengthens CGS’ existing suppressor and small arm offerings, an already combat-proven group of products. CAT itself aims to revolutionize the U.S. market with cutting-edge defense products.

CAT sits within a global research and development group committed to redefining military and defense products through innovation and enhanced product design. CAT was created via product experimentation and prototyping being conducted within the group, whose team has been solely focused on global Special Mission Unit programs. CAT products range from advanced lab engineered synthetic acids for carbon decomposition to suppressors, explosive devices, and weapon systems in multiple calibers.

“We are thrilled to introduce CAT to the U.S. LE and government markets, as CAT is a rare opportunity for these customers to touch technology not originally designed or intended for the commercial market — but instead designed for global direct action military programs. This said, at CGS, we were more excited about the brand aesthetics matching the product innovation, as the CAT brand is quirky, a touch naughty and is a pleasant departure from what other brands are doing in the U.S. market currently, certainly not from companies so technically driven.”, said Mr. Robert West, a Director at CGS.

Mr. West continued, “The R&D group behind CAT were looking at appointing a U.S. partner to provide both manufacturing support and distribution services for LE and government customers in the U.S. as we share the same U.S. Additive Manufacturing partner the group uses globally, it made sense for CGS to offer itself as a reliable partner that understands the US industry. CGS and CAT teams share a common understanding that exceptional products are born from a deep understanding of end user needs. CAT’s R&D team has spent years meticulously designing and refining complex engineered products for global Tier One teams through various defense brands, ensuring that they surpass expectations in terms of quality and functionality. We support their transition to own brand recognition and feel their value proposition matches that of CGS Group.”

CAT retail suppressor models have a variation in mounting design, provided with a standard 1.375×24 threaded hub, offering consumers the ability to use non-factory quick detach (QD) systems. LE and government suppressor models designated – ‘MIL’, are only offered with CAT’s ‘TSF X’ – an in-built 1x16LH QD adapter, or in two direct thread options. CAT will offer a range of muzzle devices all compatible for TSF X QD integration, including a TSF X reducer for converting 1.375×24 to 1x16LH.

“Our team at CGS has poured their hearts and minds into creating first-to-market products over the last eight years that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers. We look forward to assisting CAT in creating its own lasting impact and becoming an integral product line for both U.S. government and civilian defense customers. The market needs to be pushed again, any brand that wishes to redefine a market should be applauded, as it forces the rest of us to evolve or perish.

Having a global R&D developer enter with their own established U.S. ex-SMU personnel and engineering teams will hopefully reduce the branding white noise a lot of defense companies have used to establish themselves, where brand has superseded actual innovation. We are extremely excited to see the U.S. suppressor industry in particular lift from their current standards to the over 106 point technical standard that brands like CAT use on every suppressor.” said Mr. West.

CAT LE and government products will be available through an official CAT website from 14 August 2023, which will include a dedicated LE and government portal. CAT will also be available to the retail market via selected retail partners across the U.S. from 2 October 2023, initially in staggered caliber launches.

Customers can stay connected with the U.S. launch of the brand on social media platforms such as @specterscat on Instagram. CGS will support customer service in the U.S. — offering a limited condition lifetime warranty.

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