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One-Handed Shooting: Your Life May Depend On It

Most people don’t do enough one-handed shooting.



Subjective vs Objective: Choosing Medical Gear

” There are either no studies, third party reviews, or data proving that the ETQ works or not. We do have proof that TQ’s with narrow bands fail to occlude blood flow and that in some cases they can tear tissue (think, muscle and/or fat tissue.) Both are bad and not character traits we want in a tourniquet. Either way, we really do not know anything about this tourniquet other than there is no evidence that it works and that the primary band is narrower than what CoTCCC recommends for effective tourniquet use in a pre-hospital settings. “



864: Caroline Rose | Captagon and the New Age of Narco-Diplomacy


I stay very aware of current drug trends, but I hadn’t heard of Captagon before.



How to Improve Your Situational Awareness Skills

Tips for enhancing situational awareness.



Concealed-Carry Holsters: Separating Good from Bad

Tamara Keel talks about some of the characteristics you want to see in your defensive pistol holster.



How to avoid being Pickpocketed and Notorious areas around the world

Pickpocketing is probably the most likely crime you will experience in a foreign country.



Ruger Lite Rack LCP 22 Review – A Good LCP

The LCP 22 is the pocket pistol I find myself carrying the most.



How Old Is ‘Too Old To Carry A Concealed Gun’?

Having a father with dementia, this article is something we all should be considering.




Things to consider when teaching on an outdoor range.



RG101: The Universal Revolver Reload – Left-Handed Edition

Some options for reloading your defensive revolver as a lefty.  While you are on the site, you should read Lessons From The Murder of Officer Scott Gadell.



FBI Double Action Course

Speaking of revolvers, you revolver shooters should try this shooting drill at your next range training session.  You shotgun shooters should try The Elk Grove Shotgun Qualification.



Blending In While Carrying Concealed

“There is a paradox if your pistol or other gear does cause a bump in your outer layers. 95 percent of the people are not going to notice that anything’s amiss because they just do not look for such things on a day in, day out basis. Not only that, but if they by chance spot something out of place, they’re not going to care about it. However, the 5 percent who do notice such things are going to care about it, and care quite a lot. Chances are it’ll be someone like me, who tends to look for such things in my surroundings. However, it could also be a bad guy, looking around before doing something nefarious. If that’s the case, one of three things is going to happen.

The bad guy is going to target you because you have a gun.
The bad guy is crazy enough to ignore you and go ahead with his plans anyways.
The bad guy is going to go somewhere else.

Pretty darn good odds, if you ask me.”



A catastrophe journal

Many of the problems I saw during my cop job involved what psychologists call “catastrophizing.” It’s the irrational thought that any situation will actually turn out far worse than you can imagine.

If you are prone to such adverse thought processes, this might be a useful solution.



New Study Identifies Four Types of Urban Gun Carriers And Explains Why Neither Cops Nor Gun Control Deter Them

Self reported motivations for criminal urban youth firearms carry.



Five Nongun Home Defense Strategies

It isn’t always about the guns.



What is the best barrel length for 5.56?


For your consideration.



How To Spot A Terrorist

What does a “terrorist” look like and how can you tell him apart from the crowd he is targeting?




John Farnam discusses best practices for drive through lanes.



August Rangemaster Newsletter

This newsletter should be mandatory reading each month.  The Gabe White article is especially interesting.



4 Stages Of Combat Handgun Retention

When utilizing any of these tactics, please be careful not to muzzle any of your own body parts.




“So stop worrying about the performance of the rounds…worry more about where you are putting them, and be able to deliver tennis ball sized groups, as fast as possible, out to the distance of two car lengths (about ten yards). This will prepare you for probably 90% of all violent confrontations. Like we’ve all said, civilian interpersonal violence takes place at conversational distances…nobody is going to rob you or carjack you from across the parking lot at the Super Walmart.”



100 Tips for a Better Life

Solid life advice.



Concealed Carry: Force of Numbers in Self-Defense

In this article Massad Ayoob talks about disparity of force legal issues when multiple attackers are involved.



The Myth of the Superhuman Cop

Reaction time and decision making in police use of force decisions.



Ammo Pack – Thunderstick Summit

For those of you attending the sold out Thunderstick Summit, Vang Comp has worked out a very good deal on ammunition so you don’t have to ship your own to Las Vegas.



Angles, Lighting, and Retention: A Primer

Very early on in my building search training, an instructor told me “You kill them with geometry.  The bullet just finishes them off.”  He was right.



Imposter Syndrome is NOT a virtue. False Humility is NOT a virtue.

“False Humility and Impostor Syndrome are NOT virtues!!! They are character flaws.

 So when you do well, you need to celebrate that shit!!! Catch yourself in the act of doing something right!”

You should also read It’s ok to not know things.



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