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Bomb Threats

In the past, I’ve written about how evacuation for a non-specific bomb threat endangers more people than it protects.  Here is an article from an official government entity that endorses my advice.  Bomb evacuations should be based on the nature of the threat rather than an automatic evacuation.



Concealed Carrier Shot With His Own Gun When Trying to Stop Domestic Violence Incident

You brought a gun to the fight.  That doesn’t mean it’s YOUR gun.  The gun belongs to whomever can keep it.  Think about that before intervening in other folks’ problems.  When is the last time you practiced your in-hand weapon retention skills?



Pre-Contact Assessments & the 10 Laws of Defensive Tactics

Important concepts for my cop readers to understand.



Folding Knife Selection, Carry & Access


A very comprehensive article from Chris Fry about choosing and carrying a folding knife for self protection.



What Makes A Great Truck or Vehicle Gun?

I strongly discourage “truck guns.”  Your vehicle is not a holster.  Your “truck gun” is far more likely to be stolen or get you shot by responding cops than it is to be useful for any scenario you envision.

Not convinced?  Read Karl Rehn’s article on the topic The false appeal of the car holster.



The Attack

What I’m reading…



Match Your Gear To Your Class

Erick shares some excellent advice.



The EDC Flashlight: A Ray of Safety in Your Pocket

On most days I’d rather leave my house without a gun than without a flashlight.  You might also like The Importance of Color Temperature and CRI in Tactical Flashlights.



DA Revolver Function Check

Revolvers are becoming cool again.  Do you know how to function check a double action revolver?



It’s All Relative

When Kyle Lamb speaks (or writes), I listen.



How to Deal with the Wrong Change Scam

One of the most common scams perpetrated against foreign travelers.



The Reality of the First Handgun

Thoughts on best practices for buying your first handgun.



Before the Class: Student Gear Lists

Quality information about a topic that deserves more attention.



5×5 Drill

A drill that is much harder than you think it would be.  If you are looking for something even more advanced, you should also check out either the The BATFE Handgun Qual or the  “Par 4” and “Par 5” drills from Justin Dyal.



Follow Home Armed Home Invader Defeated By A Split Second!

These follow home robberies or “jugging” attacks are becoming incredibly popular and widespread.  Have a plan to deal with a situation similar to this one.



Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground (Still) Do Not Allow You To Murder People

The issues of “stand your ground” and “castle doctrine” laws are often confusing to uneducated gun owners.  Dr. Yamane gets it right in this article.  For my take on the topic, read THIS.



Are You A Potential Active Shooter? The Feds Think So!

Incredibly frustrating.  At this point I think the best the gun owning public can do is to actively work to be on as many “lists” as possible.  We can’t stop the government from gathering information.  But if we give them so much information they can’t process it all, the information becomes essentially useless.



6 Badass Lady Shooters: From Past to Present

Biographies of some notable female shooters.  Speaking of history, you might also like The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang.



The Kimber K6xs: A Standout Snubby

I would generally advise most folks to stay away from anything bearing the Kimber name.  Their revolver is one exception.  All of the Kimber K-6 revolvers that have come through my classes have performed admirably.



Always Have A “Plan B”: Alternative Carry Methods

If your regularly carry a gun, you should have an alternate carry option should your primary method become difficult due to illness, injury, or clothing requirements.  I like the article’s recommendations but would personally choose the PHL-ster Enigma over any of the commercial belly band option.



Hold My Guns: Safe and Compassionate Gun Storage

An organization that is likely worthy of your support.



7 Best Budget Plate Carriers: Under $300 Review

Some of the firearms training classes you may be interested in taking require that students wear body armor.  Here are some budget options for armor that won’t break the bank.





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