SOTech will be unveiling an array of new product designs at SHOT Show this year.  We’ve spent the better part of 2023 conducting field tests and interviewing soldiers from the 82nd ABN, Ranger Regt, Special Forces and 25th ID developing our Light Infantry Suspension System, Airborne Cobra Pack, and medical systems.  These tests are culminating in review by the Army over upcoming months.  The LISS supports ensembles including rifleman, medic, leader, SAW gunner, grenadier and breacher which will be on display.  The jumpable arrangement of the Cobra pack and our new series of scrim and ruck covers will also be shown.  Come by booth 20059 to check them out, and if you can’t make it to SHOT, check them out in our catalogs at:   US Patents and Patents Pending

After dominating the soft-shell market for Axon Tasers for 25 years, SOTECH launches its first plastic holster.  Rather than adopting a pistol holster to a taser, SOTECH designed the Springnose TM around the features and requirements of both a Taser 7 and Taser 10.  We worked closely with LAPD Training Division to absorb their requirements and lessons learned.  We came up with a holster design that encompassed these features:

• Accessed with either strong hand or weekhand draw.

• Slim body design takes minimal space on the belt.

• Downward and rearward draw eliminates accidental weapon misidentification.

• Compressing taser against spring plate and rotating rearward provides quick draw.

• Extra retention strap with thumb snap is removable, and sewn semi rigid.

• Secondary weapon release provided by thumb depression of top hook.

• Officer can screw adjust to forward, vertical, or rearward cant.

• Officer can rearrange holster to right or left-hand wear.

• Field repairable as bottom cap is removable for access to spring compartment.

• Belt clip secures with unique inverted buttons.

• Belt clip fits 2 ¼ patrol belt and inner clip fits dress belts.

• Made in USA and US Patented and Patents Pending.

Email [email protected] to request department test sample holster.

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