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How to Survive a Carjacking

Mike Boyle’s thoughts on carjacking.



Going Deeper Into the Gray Zone

A road map for leadership development.




Hey!  I recognize that guy!  Thanks to Mas for the shout out.

If you would like to be exposed to more of Massad’s wisdom, read Firearms and cold weather considerations.  That article is almost 20 years old and nothing needs to be changed.  True “evergreen” content.  How many of you think the latest Instagram/Tik Tok firearms instructors will remain relevant 20 years from now?



Why Train?

Why train?

“Because a physically and mentally dangerous man will always be needed.”




Houston Taqueria Shooting: Legally Justified Killing or Simply an Execution?

Andrew Branca provides a solid legal analysis of the Houston shooting I posted in last week’s Knowledge Dump.



2022: a year of explosive violence harm reviewed

Guns are not the only tools used to kill people.



Pay Attention To Your World And Those Around You

Follow-home (also known as “jugging”) robberies are becoming increasingly more common.  Watch this and see what they look like.  Remember that whenever you are carrying large amounts of cash or other valuables.



Shot 15 Times: The Brian Murphy Story

Read Massad Ayoob’s analysis of Brian Murphy’s shooting.  Murphy is the very definition of the word “survival.”  If you want some more information about this incident, check out my article on the Sikh Temple shooting.



LAPD’s D-Platoon Shotgun Qualification

This one is pretty spicy for a police shotgun course.  If you are more interested in handgun shooting, watch Drill of the month for Run Your Gun Not Your Mouth.



Are You Prepared?

If you have solid plans to deal with each of these situations, you will be well on your way to avoiding “random” violence.


P&S Ballistics Gel Test 4: 32 Short, Long, Mag, & 327 Mag

More gelatin testing of some of the more obscure .32 defensive offerings.



Oh, Spare Me!–Should You Even Bother to Carry a Reload?

Tamara discusses some of the issues regarding the carrying of spare magazines.  While needing a spare magazine in a civilian encounter is rare, I still carry one most of the time.



Airlines and Guns: The Dos and The Definitely Don’ts

I get a lot of questions about flying with guns.  It’s not as difficult as you might expect.  Last year I flew 52 domestic air flights with guns in my checked luggage.  Depending on the airport and your flight time it should not really be a big deal.  If you want a deeper dive into the subject read my article on flying with guns.



The Inherent Risks of Open Carry

“The obvious gun on your hip is like a sign that says, “look at me.” When the weapon is concealed, you blend in and do not attract as much attention. This is especially important when you have family or friends with you. The last thing I would want is to draw an armed criminal’s attention to myself and my family in the store. Why not take a tactical approach and have the advantage?



Learning The Differences Between The Cover And Concealment Concepts

Important considerations here.  My recommendation is to shoot as many household objects and pieces of furniture you can whenever you get the chance.  Lots of household objects aren’t true “cover,” but have enough mass to deflect or slow down high velocity projectiles.



Fackler Discusses Shots To The Pelvic Area



Do you teach or advocate pelvic shots?  You should probably read what one of the world’s foremost experts in wound ballistics has to say about them.



Shotgun Side Saddles – The Best, Worst, and How To

How to carry extra ammo on your gauge.  May not be super applicable, because I rarely see non-police shotgun fights ending up needing more than a couple rounds.  For what it’s worth, all my defensive shotguns have either a side saddle or butt cuff to carry extra ammo.  I keep the guns loaded with buck shot.  My side saddles are full of slugs.  If I have to do a “select slug drill” it’s as easy to do as possible.



Mindreader: The New Science of Deciphering What People Really Think, What They Really Want, and Who They Really Are

What I’m reading…



AIWB Carry Pros And Cons

My bud Spencer Keepers getting a shout out from Massad Ayoob in a very well balanced article on appendix carry.  I still think Spencer’s appendix holsters are the best designs on the market and wear one almost every day.

Want more AIWB info?  Read my post Thousands of Thugs Can’t Be Wrong.



Essential FMA Stick Disarming

Hock is one of my favorite martial arts instructors.  He has a tremendously varied skill set, and isn’t dogmatic.  Here are his thoughts about stick disarming.  He is also spot on about the need to train knives in both forward and reverse grips The Equal Opportunity Stabber, Saber or Reverse Grip?



The Story of Civil War Sniper Jack Hinson and His Rifle

If you are into either history or tales of individual heroism, read this article.  Then read the book Jack Hinson’s One-Man War.



Spinning The Wheel

More information to fuel the revolver renaissance.



CIRCLING BACK | Adjusting Holster Cant

A really old (and now deceased) firearms instructor in my state academy once told me that the “FBI Cant” on holsters was designed for the crouched, forward leaning shooting stances cops used  from the 1930s until the 1980s.  When one is crouching and leaning forward, the shooter doesn’t have to break  or unlock his strong side wrist to facilitate the draw if he is using a canted holster.



Situational Awareness …Once the Bullets Start Flying

Lots of folks talk about pre-attack situational awareness.  Less often do we hear about awareness DURING the attack phase.





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