Thyrm Expands Its Helmet Mount Lineup with the VariArc-VS

Sunnyvale, CA — Thyrm has released a universal solution for helmet-mounted illumination – the VariArc-VS. This version of the VariArc shares its ability to rotate 360 degrees with the Team Wendy, Ops-Core, and M-LOK versions already on the market. Velcro mounting makes the VS a universal solution for all helmets.

The VariArc-VS features positive indexing at forward, umbrella, and admin task angles. A firm twist and the mount unlocks to rotate through eight additional lower-force index points for total control of lighting direction. Its small footprint and low-profile keep things tidy and the Picatinny rail and Scout light mounts allow for maximum compatibility with visible and IR lights. The VariArc-VS is built to remain fully functional through extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, sand, water, drops on concrete, and rough handling.

The VariArc-VS™ Helmet Mount:
• High-strength hook Velcro provides secure attachment with a space-efficient footprint
• Both Picatinny rail and direct scout-light mounts included
• Positively locks in the forward index position
• Directs light through 360 degrees, with 8 additional lower-force index positions
• Works in vertical positions for umbrella lighting rooms, canopy illumination, and IR strobe signaling
• Can be used in downward angles for admin & task lighting
• Angled pivot allows user to optimize mounting for a lower profile or a more vertical rotation plane
• Large openings on both ends of the base allow for retention cords including 550 paracord
• Durable, reinforced polymer construction with steel hardware
• Designed and made in the USA

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