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Ayoob: How to Find the Red Dot on Your EDC

Massad Ayoob provides some advice for using your red dot equipped handgun.



There is more to this saying than you might have thought about.



Training Tips for the DA/SA Semi-Automatic Handgun

Training to master a long double action trigger pull combined with the feeling of the subsequent lighter and shorter single action pulls is one of the better ways to build good trigger control.



Best CCW Insurance: Protecting Yourself After You Protect Yourself

I get an endless amount of questions on this topic and I’m really not the one any of you should be asking about this topic.  I would suggest perusing this article and reading Paul Martin’s research on the topic.



The Ins And Outs Of Shooting Steel Targets

Annette Evans shares thoughts on shooting steel.  Having shot on steel sometimes multiple times per week for 25 years, I will tell you that you will catch some spall back from the target even if you are doing it right.  I currently have seven pieces of bullet jacket currently embedded in various parts of my anatomy from steel targets.



Carjackers Look For An Easy Score In Houston

Carjacking is getting way more common.  Watch how these go down and come up with a plan of action should it happen to you.



Your “Tactical Tampon” is Useless for Life-Threatening Hemorrhage

In case you never got the message, all of you who carry tampons for “packing gunshot wounds” are completely delusional. Read this article and find out why tampons are inadequate wound packing material. Then get yourself some hemostatic gauze.

On another medical note, tap water may or may not be useful for wound cleaning.  From all my wilderness medical classes, I believe that water that is safe enough to drink is safe enough to clean wounds.  Do you keep water purification tablets in your medical kit to sanitize water for wound irrigation?




One more medical article for you this week. I talk about this in my classes.  CPR is a valuable skill but it’s almost useless if medical care is far away and there is no defibrillation available.



Constitutional carriers subject to arrest while driving near schools

This is certainly a possibility and is something you permit-less carriers should consider.  With that said, I don’t think that the threat is quite as dire as the author describes.

Good cops use the law to keep the peace.  That’s what it appears happened here.  The guy arrested and charged was a convicted felon, on probation, driving without a license, carrying a gun.  He then chose to flee from the traffic stop.  Are you really surprised that the cop chose to hammer him with every charge he could come up with?

In 25 years of police work, I never saw any officers pursue this charge.  The average lawful motorist carrying a gun isn’t as likely to be arrested as a heroin trafficker who flees from the cops.



Top Medical Experts Explore Safety of Vascular Neck Restraints. Will Their Findings Matter?

When done properly, vascular neck restraints are very safe and effective.  For some more Force Science Research, read Force Science Validates Legacy Research Findings – Part II.



What To Look For When Buying a Used Firearm

Decent advice for those of you in the market for a used gun.



Tactical AK: Making the AK Modern Part 3

More information about modern AK accessories.



Non-Events as Training Opportunities

Studying “non-events” is incredibly useful.  In fact, I contributed a story to a book that is entirely devoted learning from “non-events.”




Secret Service Releases Study on Mass Shootings, Mainstream Media Ignores a Huge Commonality

I posted this excellent study a couple weeks ago in my knowledge dump.  I was disappointed to see that only 192 people clicked on it.  Maybe if I share this clickbait piece about most of the killings happening in gun-free zones, some more of you will take the time to read it.



Mastering Yourself Before You Seek To Master A Weapon

“Fix in your mind the reasons which compel you to train martial skills, no wrong answers, only honest and dishonest answers. If you found something you did not like begin by investing in changing your perspective. What to do with what you see is for you alone.

Mastery of self is the precursor to all else and it is rooted in truth. This truth is there regardless if you accept it. Master yourself first.”



Is Cheap Thermal Worth It? Testing the AGM TS19-256

This might be a slightly cheaper option for night time shooting capability.  These are even available on Amazon.



All You Need To Know About the 25 ACP

Lots of info about this much maligned cartridge.



Five Myths Parents Believe About Protecting Kids From Violence

Melody has studied the issue of protecting children more extensively than anyone I know.  This article is a distillation of some of her thoughts on the topic.



Pocket Carry with the Pocket Shield

I don’t understand why the pocket shield isn’t more embraced by the CCW/shooting community.  This is a very useful piece of gear, especially if you wear loose khakis or suit pants.



Understanding and Misunderstanding American Gun Culture and Violence

Dr. Yamane is doing important work.



Concealed Carry Drill: Basic for Beginners and Warm-Up for Experienced Carriers

This drill looks like a fairly fun and effective way for the average handgun shooter to improve his/her skill levels.  If you want something more difficult, try Pat Mac’s drill.



Females and Firearms Series: A Proven Technique to Rack Your Slide Confidently

This is a very good technique for folks who have difficulty racking the slide.  I would caution you to adjust your body position so that the muzzle stays pointed in a safe direction if you do this on the line at a shooting range.



Online Training That’s Worthwhile

Some training opportunities you might not know about.  For more training commentary, read Editor’s Notebook: “Hard Reset”.



Die With Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life

What I’m reading….



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