Warrior East 23 – Towed Jumper Release System

One of the hazards of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes is that every once in awhile a paratrooper gets stuck, being dragged along with the aircraft by his static line or other piece of equipment. This is referred to as a “towed jumper”. Generally, they attempt to reel the jumper back inside the aircraft with a hydraulic system which I can only imagine feels like being beaten by a pillow case full of doorknobs as you’re smacked against the side of the aircraft and back in through the troop door. An alternative is the cut the jumper away if he is conscious and allow him to manually his reserve parachute.

Now, there’s a twist on that latter course of action which inserts a backup parachute between the aircraft and jumper before cutting his primary static line. The Towed Jumper Release System from Airborne Systems, is a modification of a British system known as the Hung Up Parachutist Release Assembly, or HUPRA.

The system uses a static line to deploy a T11 main canopy over the jumper and he retains access to his chest mounted reserve chute and his main doesn’t deploy but rather remains within its deployment bag on the packtray.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

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