SOUND Foods New High Calorie Lightweight Combat Rations

SOUND is committed to improving combat effectiveness by both increasing caloric intake and reducing the size and weight of the warrior’s battle load.  SOUND has invented an entirely new way of quickly and gently forming food products using only ultrasonic energy, or sound waves.  This ultrasonic agglomeration process allows for the creation of a calorically dense bar (300 Calories, 50 g, 6 cal/g) with great taste and texture.  

SOUND bars have been approved by the Department of Defense (DOD) for the first generation Close Combat Assault Ration (CCAR) which is scheduled to replace the First Strike Ration later this year as well as by the Joint Services Operational Rations Forum (JSORF) for the larger Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) program.

SOUND has relaunched its direct-to-consumer products as DOWN RANGE Mission Ready Bars with a focus on offering the exact products developed for the U.S. warfighter directly to the American consumer.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company operates with a commitment to helping people get through their day whether during military operations or everyday life. 

SOUND has partnered with S.O.Tech / Special Operations Technologies Inc of Carson, CA, an innovator in military survival and medical systems and Bridgford Foods, a leading provider of Ready to Eat combat ration sandwiches.  SOUND’s DOWN RANGE bars will be on display at SHOT Show in SOTech’s booth 20059 and SOUND CEO Don Dillon will be at the booth on Tuesday, January 23rd and Thursday, January 25th from 1PM to 3PM.  The DOWN RANGE bars will also be on display at Bridgford Foods’ booth 42052.

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