In Memoriam SGM Billy Waugh (USA, Ret)

I’m sorry to report that the legendary Billy Waugh, who served his nation for over 50. years in US Army Special Forces, and after his military retirement with the Central Intelligence Agency, has passed away at age 93.

Born William D. Waugh, he hailed from Bastrop, Texas and joined the US Army in 1948. Initially serving as a paratrooper with later service in the Korean War, he eventually joined Special Forces and served there until his retirement in 1972 at the rank of Sergeant Major. In 1977 he joined the CIA as an paramilitary operations officer and retired from that gig in 2005.

Consider this; at age 71, he participated in the opening days of Operations Enduring Freedom, deploying as one of the first Americans going into Afghanistan as a member of a CIA team sent there to destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda at Tora Bora.

But by that point, he was already a legend. In addition to serving in MACV SOG, he was a pioneer of Military Free Fall techniques, having conducted the first HALO combat jump into Vietnam.

Billy Waugh succumbed today to a prolonged illness.

May He Rest In Peace…

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