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Ayoob on Handguns

Massad Ayoob provides an argument for carrying a high capacity handgun.  I appreciate Mas’ shout out and his commentary in this article as well.



Book Review: “No Safe Alternative” by T. C. Fuller

Continuing the theme of Massad Ayoob articles, I would also add this one, his review for a newly published book.  I wrote the forward to No Safe Alternative and echo Mas’ praise for the text.



POCKET CARRY EXPLAINED: How To, Tips & Tricks, Dos & Don’ts

Pocket carry tips you might want to embrace.



Getting Out of a Jam – Clearing Malfunctions in an AR-15

Do you know how to clear rifle malfunctions?  You should…even if you don’t own an AR-15.  These weapons are commonly used by active killers and have been jettisoned in shootings after the killer gets a jam.  If you can fix the malfunction, you now have a great “battlefield pickup” weapon to stop the killing.



Not Forever, But For Now

What I’m reading….



Safety Bulletin: Light Bearing Holsters for Pistols

A larger diameter holster opening to accommodate a tactical light may also allow other objects to get inside the holster and operate your pistol’s trigger.  My friends at TFB have additional advice about this issue.



Flash Mob Robberies Are Not “Just Kids from Social Media.” They’re Organized Crime.

A deep dive into the current robbery trend.  You may also be interested in Locked Items, Self-Checkouts & Disappearing Staff: Rising Theft And Slowing Sales Eat Away At Retail.



Peripheral Vision: The Benefits of Seeing More

Exercises for broadening peripheral vision to detect threats sooner.



Running the Snub – Recoil Management

“The end result of this test seems to be that snubs are about 10% harder to shoot at typical Personal Protection distances than full sized revolvers or Striker Fired Autoloaders. In terms of being able to manage recoil, the choice of boot grip or full size stocks, given the same material, for the snub does not seem to make a significant difference. There may be a difference between smooth stocks and rubber, which bears testing at another time.”



Effective Range Of .22LR

Long range .22 information.



Chaos Unleashed: Bar Argument Turns Deadly in Georgia

After road rage incidents, I see more acts of senseless violence come from egotistical bar confrontations than any other scenario.  You must simply do better than this.



Target Indicators

Clint Smith discusses a topic some of you have never considered.



“What the Young Man Should Know” From Harper’s Magazine 1933

Published 90 years ago and just as relevant today.



We’re Living in a Different World Now – Let’s Talk About Situational Awareness

“Criminals aren’t Invisible, Victims are Oblivious.”  You may also like my recent podcast appearance discussing these issues.



Is the M1 Carbine a Good Self Defense Rifle?

I think the M1 Carbine is an excellent weapon, especially for those who lack the upper body strength to hold up an AR-15.



Armored Threats – Bad Guys and Body Armor

While this is a contingency for which you must prepare, I believe it is generally overblown.  In 25 years of police work, I never arrested a single criminal who was wearing body armor.



Pistol Whip: When You Should Use a Handgun as an Impact Weapon

“Pistol Punching” is a useful skill to cultivate.



Squib loads

Ammunition quality control is waning.  Be extra cautious about squib loads in today’s world filled with subpar ammunition quality.



Some Thoughts on the .41 Remington Magnum

I’m an unabashed fan of this cartridge.




Ballistic gelatin testing of some common .22 magnum self protection ammo.



Rack, Rack. Who’s There? Shotgun Myths, Misconceptions, and Truths

A fairly comprehensive article that will dispel some incorrect thoughts about the gauge.



Self-Defense Law: The Prosecution’s Perspective


Some information about how things might play out from a legal perspective should you be criminally charged after a self defense shooting.



RANGE-R Card FLEX: A New Approach to Passive Range Finding

Some of you precision rifle shooters might find this piece of kit to be useful.



Developing an Emergency Response Plan for the Training Environment

Does your shooting range have an emergency medical response plan?  If not, check out this article for some great tips.



A Pre-Fall Prep Check-up!

Michael Bane discusses some preparations to make before the potential upcoming “troubles.”



5 Appendix Carry Tips

Tips that may make you reconsider appendix carry.



Taurus 856 Iron Sights v. Laser Comparison

Claude does a test comparing iron sights and a laser.




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