Complete Parachute Solutions – K9 Jump Mannequin

One of the things you learn is that rehearsals are critical to mission success. That’s why parachutists jump regularly and divers make scheduled dives.

The use of K9s for search, scouting and attack purposes means that they’ve got to get to the fight just like their handlers and sometimes that means an MFF insertion. But, to make sure that the handler and K9 survive the jump, it’s imperative to train. It’s also much lower risk for the handler if the actual dog isn’t on training jumps.

Complete Parachute Solutions has developed a K9 jump mannequin to prepare handler parachutists for jumps with their K9 companion. Use of a mannequin doesn’t expose the K9’s limbs to high altitude cold or injury during landings.

The mannequin simulates the size and build of a Malinois Or Shepherd in the “crouch” Or down position. It weighs At 62 lbs (28 kg) and features a permanently affixed K9 harness. The harness is also available separately.

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