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If your dad says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day this year—he’s lying. Dads are notorious for brushing off gifts and claiming they don’t need anything, when in reality, they love accumulating gear. Luckily, if your dad is an outdoorsman, you can give him something he’ll use during his favorite pursuits.

Whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, grilling, or boating—we have you covered. The editors at Field & Stream worked together to compile this mega list of gift ideas for dads who love to spend time outside. It is one of the biggest gift guides we’ve ever put together, and we’re confident you’ll find something on here your dad will love.

Hunting Gifts

Best Hunting Jacket For Dad: Sitka Gradient Jacket

I picked up Sitka’s Gradient Jacket for warm early season hunts, but I ended up wearing it just about everywhere. The Berber fleece lining provided just enough insulation to cut the chill, without making me sweat setting decoys or retrieving ducks. I really appreciated the thumbhole cuffs when I was wearing this under the Delta Wading Jacket, ensuring the sleeves didn’t get pulled down. Though it can’t handle a downpour, a DWR finish protects from a light rain. As a bonus, I received a few compliments from a bachelorette party I encountered in Nashville, which is more than I can say for any other piece of camo clothing I own. If Dad gets in on early teal, wood ducks, or resident Canada seasons, grab him this excellent layering piece this Father’s Day. —Joseph Albanese

If you want to get Dad the best pair of waders he’ll ever own, check out our roundup of the best waders for duck hunting.

Best Baselayers for Dad:

Sure, it’s June, and it’s way too hot for baselayers. But you can earn double the gift points on this Father’s Day gift: once when you give it to dad on the 19th, and again, when he walks to his treestand on opening day and it’s 15 degrees outside. I rotated through three sets of high-dollar base layers this past winter looking for a winner, and the are my favorites, bar none. They’re the perfect weight, super comfortable, and made of not-itchy merino wool, so they can be worn for days and not stink. The best feature is the thumb holes you can open up on the sleeves, which make layering, and life in general, a lot less frustrating—something your dad will definitely appreciate. —Matthew Every 

Best Travel Bag for Dad: KUIU Waypoint Duffle Bag

Does your dad go on a lot of hunting trips? If so, he most likely needs a good bag to bring all of his clothes in. I used the Waypoint 5500 Duffle last fall and it was big enough to fit all of my hunting clothes, hats, socks, accessories, and more. The 5500 is their mid-sized duffle and is perfect for vehicle hunting trips. I used it on a week-long duck hunting/steelhead fishing trip last October and it fit everything I needed. The bag has a weatherproof design with water resistant zippers and a ripstop liner. It is built for hunting expeditions and if you need something larger or smaller, the Waypoint also comes in a 10400 size and a 2800 size. —Ryan Chelius

Best Gun Case for Dad: Filson Gun Case

One of the things dad might appreciate most is protecting the firearms he lugs into the woods. Filson’s rugged twill cases, whether for a scoped or unscoped gun, are as beautiful as they are functional. Something dad might want to pass down when he hangs up his hunting boots (wink, wink). The abrasion resistant twill is quieter than a hard case, and its capped, handled, and slung with Bridle Leather that will hold up over the years. Plus, the moisture wicking cotton flannel interior will be gentle on what dad carries. 

If dad’s more of a waterfowl hunter, Filson also makes a Dry Bag Case that has similarly premium detail, with a corresponding premium price tag. Here the premium features come in the form of a 100% waterproof TPU material, radio-frequency welded seams, and a water-tight roll top. —Luke Guillory

Sitka Fahrenheit Jacket

Sitka’s Fahrenheit Jacket served me well as both a layering piece and stand-alone jacket through some wildly variable conditions last duck season. Even when the mercury dropped way down low, I was warm and comfortable thanks to the ample Primaloft/down blend insulation and Gore-Tex Infinium with Windstopper membrane shell. All the tech contained in the outer layer always kept the wind at bay, even in the 30 to 40 mile per hour conditions that typified the late season this year. Sitka’s quilting system evenly distributes the insulation, so there weren’t any cold spots even inside a layout blind for hours on end. I extended the use of this jacket past the close of late goose season, using it to keep me warm tucked under my fishing jacket out on the ice. If your Dad hunts in cold, late season conditions, give him the jacket that will quickly become his favorite. —JA

Best Hunting Pack for Dad: Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

Give your dad a gift that keeps on giving with a sturdy pack to get his trophy out of the backcountry. The Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X is built for hauling heavy loads with an intentional design to help keep the pack close to your body. There are small stash pockets to carry all of his essentials too. Overall, this pack is as comfortable as it gets, with several adjustable straps to help secure the load and prevent any shifting. If you have a day pack with you, the straps allow you to attach it to the back so you can carry everything out at once. –Meg Carney

KUIU Gila Long Sleeve Crew

For years, my dad only wore cotton t-shirts when fishing and hiking in the mountains, despite living at a cool 9,000 feet of altitude. That all changed a couple years ago when we got him a high-quality synthetic sun shirt. Show dad you care about him—and his skin—by doing the same. KUIU’s Gila Long Sleeve Crew is a great option. It’s breathable, solidly constructed, and rated to UPF 50+, meaning it will get the job done on even the sunniest days. If your dad doesn’t hunt, the shirt comes in three solid color patterns perfect for general summer adventures. If he is a hunter, the shirt comes in three KUIU camo patterns ideal for early-season, warm-weather hunting expeditions. —Sage Marshall

 SITKA Equinox Turkey Hunting System

I spent a week hiking around the Catskill Mountains in early May to test out the new Sitka Equinox turkey hunting system. The first thing that stuck out to me was how comfortable and lightweight everything was. Let’s start with the Equinox Guard Pant, which is engineered with insect shield protection and bite reduction fabric. It helps limit skin exposure with built-in leg gaiters. Breathable construction allows for good air circulation in hot conditions. The Equinox Guard Hoodie is the perfect complement to the pants. It is made for hot, humid conditions but serves as a great layering option during chilly mornings. It has a built in face mask and is made of stretchy fabric to reduce mosquito bites. The equinox glove is also made with the same insect shield technology and provides maximum coverage to limit skin exposure. After a week straight of turkey hunting, I was the only one not to pull a tick off of my skin. Granted, I also spayed my clothes in permethrin, which helps even further prevent ticks from crawling on you. If your dad turkey hunts, this clothing system is for him. —RC

Fishing Gifts

Simms ProDry Fishing Jacket and Bibs

In life, some rain must fall. Don’t let it ruin Dad’s fishing trip by getting him some of the best rain gear on the market. I’ve been using the Simms ProDry Fishing Jacket and Bibs on adventures ranging from hard water panfish to striped bass on the north Atlantic, and have remained comfortable and dry the entire time. After wearing them in sideways rain, bitter cold, and howling winds I can say that this is the best rain gear I’ve had the privilege of using, and I’ve had quite a few sets in my lifetime. The sculpted hood stayed put, even in 50 mile per hour winds. Thoughtful features like a dedicated plier pocket with a d-ring for a lanyard or outboard kill switch add to their fish-catching ability. —JA

You can also check out more excellent fishing rain gear here.

Maine Fly Co. Custom Rod

There may be no better gift than a custom fly rod. I had the chance to spend two days with the Maine Fly Co. team and see their process behind building some of the most aesthetically pleasing rods on the market. You can either choose from their small batch of signature rods or work with the rod builders to customize your own. This includes choosing a reel seat, handle, wrap colors, and the option for your name or short phrase on the rod. 
When it comes to performance, these rods hold their own. My custom 4 weight performed well all day on the famous Magalloway River. It mends line like a charm and showed its versatility when I switched from nymphing to streamer fishing. It’s hard not to love a rod that is built specifically for you. Put your dad’s name on a rod and he will never leave it behind. —RC

I’ve enjoyed Costa’s line of sunglasses since I tried my first pair years ago. The excellent lenses help me pick fish out against the trickiest of backdrops, and prevent eye strain during dawn to dusk sessions. If your Dad enjoys time on the water, get him a pair of Costa’s new. The frame blends style with fishing-specific features, like top and side shields to help keep light from leaking in. A vented Hydrolite nose pad and temple tips keep the frames locked in place but provide enough airflow to help prevent fogging. You have a choice of lens color and materials, so you can pick the perfect pair for the conditions your Dad fishes in. —JA

Rep Your Water Drinkware

What dad doesn’t like a nice glass to enjoy his drink in at the end of the night? I’ve bought these glasses for friends and family before and never had a bad reaction. It often becomes their go-to glass. Whether your dad drinks whiskey, beer, or wine—there’s something for him. My favorite design is the Hunt. Fish. Camp. Beer Can. There’s something for upland hunters, fly anglers, and big game hunters. You can’t go wrong with this gift. —RC

Gill XPEL Tech Hoodie

Give dad the gift of long days on the water without sunburns with Gill’s XPEL Tech Hoodie. I never liked sunscreen and avoid it altogether these days, with the aid of purpose-built shirts like this. This lightweight hoodie is built with the hottest days in mind, with lightweight polyester fabric that breathes while protecting from the sun’s rays. XPEL tech helps the shirt dry quickly and keeps fish slime from sticking so it will stay clean. A 50+ UV protection rating provides defense from the sunniest skies, and the full-coverage hood ensures the vulnerable skin on your neck doesn’t get crispy during a full day of throwing crankbaits. Thumb slits help the shirt stay in place and offer coverage for the overlooked region on the back of your hands. And without the need to constantly reapply sunscreen, Dad can concentrate on fishing. —JA

Guidesly Fishing Trip Service

Are you planning a vacation with your dad soon? If so, download the Guidesly app, find a fishing guide in the area, and book a trip. Yes, it is that simple. The Guidesly app allows users to connect directly with trusted fishing guides, see bodies of water, check weather reports, and find the right guide for your type of fishing. The app provides anglers with access to guides that specialize in all types of fishing whether it be saltwater, freshwater, or wading. Anglers can share their experiences on the app and read reviews. Guidesly’s network of certified fishing guides continues to grow and the user-friendly app allows you to find exciting fishing experiences all over the country. So, if you need a last-minute gift, just download the app and give Dad the fishing trip of a lifetime. —RC

Shun Classic 6” Boning and Fillet Knife

My dad has talked about needing both a new chef’s knife and fillet knife for a while now, so this is something I’ll actually be gifting this year. Talk to any knife nerd, and they’ll probably be an evangelist for Japanese made knives. Shun’s 6” Boning and Fillet Knife will give dad a touch of luxury when he’s prepping his catch for dinner. Fair warning, this blade is a bit shorter and stiffer than a traditional fillet knife. The stiffness actually makes it a more versatile knife, and the short length is countered by a wonderful shape—allowing you to make those sweeping fillet cuts. Not a negative, per se, just a heads up. If you think dad may want a Western style knife, check out our Best Fillet Knives story. —LG

Simms Freestone Waders

These waders might be the one piece of gear I’ve recommended the most throughout my time as an angler. I’ve been using them for over five years, and (knock on wood) they have yet to spring a leak. Let me also be clear: I fish a lot. During college, I used these waders 3-5 times per week. I fish with them during hot summer days as well as snowstorms in the dead of winter. They have proven themselves time and again. I could go into a thousand stories about the waders surviving sharp rocks, bad falls, and not-so-great care, but you only need to know one thing—they will keep you dry. —RC

Bajio Roca Sunglasses

It’s never a bad time for a quality new pair of shades. The Bajio Roca sunglasses are great for fishing while being plenty fashionable for day-to-day use. They have wide, oversized frames that help prevent glare from seeping in from the sides. The frames are constructed with thick nylon material that will take a beating without breaking, and the polarized lenses are clear and powerful with scratch-resistant coating. —SM

Camping Gifts

Thermacell MR450 Portable Mosquito Repeller

Biting insects are never any fun. But if your dad hunts, fishes, or spends any time outdoors, they are a part of his life. So give him one of Thermacell’s MR450 Portable Mosquito Repellers this Father’s Day and help keep them away. Using a non-toxic tincture, the MR450 creates a 15-foot scent-free zone of protection against mosquitoes. A belt clip lets Dad keep it on him while he’s on the stream, chasing gobblers, or manning the grill. The included fuel and repellent provide up to 12 hours of mosquito-shooing, so he can stay comfortable from dawn to dusk. —JA

Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals

My wife and I’s traditional anniversary meal consists of Mountain House beef stroganoff, cooked a few miles into one of our favorite cross country ski trails. But this year will be different because I recently had the opportunity to taste a few of Good To-Go’s excellent dehydrated meals. These dishes tasted exactly like they would if I (or more accurately, someone that can cook better than I) had prepared them from scratch. This is because they are created with real ingredients, and simply have the bulk of the water removed to make them shelf stable. So now Dad can have risotto that tastes like it was whipped up at some chic bistro and not with his Jet Boil in the middle of an elk hunt. Get him a variety of flavors so he can eat great wherever his next adventure takes him. —JA

MSR Windburner Stove

Is dad a backpacker or backcountry hunter? Consider helping him level up his portable camp stove with an MSR Windburner. MSR is a tried-and-true camp stove manufacturer, and they knocked it out of the park with their Windburner. It’s a compact stove perfect for backpacking that also works fine for car camping. It’s a high-priced option, but it’s worth it if dad is serious about getting out deep into remote areas. I’ve used it in high-wind scenarios, where it performs heads-over-tails better than cheaper options. The stove is incredibly efficient and will bring water to a boil in less than a minute. Seriously. My only complaint is that it can sometimes be too efficient, making it hard to cook pasta without the water boiling over. It comes in 1- and 1.7-liter models. —SM

Cabela’s Camping Cot

Whether he admits it or not, as time catches up to dad, his steadfast commitment to roughing it is going to wane. If you’ve noticed dad taking his creature comforts a little more seriously, grab him this deluxe Cabela’s camping cot with bedside organizer. The heavy duty PVC-backed nylon is as comfortable as you’ll get in the backcountry, and the bedside organizer will become something he can’t live without. Phone, book, toiletries, knife, even a beverage, it’s all in one place that’s not a plastic bag he’s tossed in a corner somewhere. The luxury of convenience! —LG

Nemo Stargaze Recliner

Everyone enjoys a comfy chair, and it’s hard to beat the comfort provided by Nemo’s Stargaze recliner. I nearly fell asleep in one the first time I sat down, and it was cozier than many of the bunks I’ve crashed in. This unique chair utilizes a suspension system that allows you to recline by simply leaning back. The adjustable headrest provides real support exactly where you want it. The ensemble manages to pack down smaller than a typical folding camp chair, so Dad can easily take it with him on just about any adventure. A 300-pound weight limit accommodates just about anybody. —JA

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

Odds are pretty good that Dad already has an axe or two laying around, but he probably doesn’t own one this nice. Gransfors Bruks sets the bar for what an axe should be, and the Small Forest Axe is amongst the most useful sizes. The 19-inch-long handle provides enough leverage to make short work of felling and splitting tasks, but remains nimble enough to tackle limbing chores when it’s time to clear shooting lanes. And at only about two pounds, Dad will hardly notice it lashed to his pack. The axe comes fitted with a leather sheath, and with reasonable care, it will last a lifetime. —JA

Everything Else

YETI Custom Drinkware

What’s better than YETI drinkware? Customizable YETI drinkware. From now until June 1st YETI is offering free customization of text or monogram designs on Dad’s favorite drinkware. Have his name or initials put on a tumbler and he’ll never go anywhere without it. Don’t miss out on this deal before it’s too late. —RC

Pendelton Midnight Whisky

Nothing says “I love you, pop” quite like a bottle of whisky. If dad is an outdoorsman with a few summer adventures lined up, consider Pendleton Midnight. It’s a fairly-priced bottle of 90 proof whisky made with water from Oregon’s Mount Hood and aged for over six years in American brandy bottles. It’s a sweet but smooth whiskey with a nice mellow kick. This isn’t the right bottle for a true whisky aficionado, but it’s an easy-drinking option for any dad that likes to fill up his flask before a fishing trip or pass a bottle of good booze around the campfire. —SM


Overcooked meat is the worst and undercooked meat is dangerous. Dad won’t ever have to worry about his grilling skills again with this Bluetooth meat thermometer. The MEATER Plus is completely wireless with a 165-foot range of accurate temperature reading. It has dual temperature sensors that monitor internal and ambient meat temperatures.

No matter how many knives Dad has, he could always use one more. The features a touch of class, but won’t look out of place in a blue collar setting. Complete with a titanium keyring, and sized to disappear among your keys, Dad will always have this one close at hand. But weighing just over an ounce, he won’t notice it there. The 1.75-inch Sandvik 12C27 drop-point blade easily tackles the day-to-day tasks that seem to pop up out of nowhere. And with a lifetime warranty, Dad will have this one for a long time. —JA

You can review our editor’s picks for the best pocketknives if you’re looking for something else.

Traeger Pro Pellet Smoker

The Traeger Pro won our Best for Beginners award in our Best Pellet Smokers article. It’s a feature rich cook system from the makers of the original pellet smoker. But don’t let a Best for Beginners award fool you—the Traeger Pro is a great smoker for veteran pitmasters that want something a little less hands on than a stick burner. The reason it is “Best for Beginners” is that its control panel is incredibly easy to use, it can hit 500°F for searing, and Traeger grills are built to last. Still, a veteran pitmaster will love the ease of use for casual grilling, and dad will never have an easier time smoking the perfect backstrap  —LG

DECKED D-Box and Crossbox

I installed my DECKED drawer system in the bed of my truck about two months ago and haven’t looked back. As someone who accumulates a lot of gear, organization is key. The drawers allow me to separate, organize, and secure my equipment. The D-Box is a stackable storage bin that fits perfectly into the DECKED system, further organizing my stuff. I have one D-Box dedicated to safety equipment and another for miscellaneous camping gear. I use a Crossbox to store my tools and useful gadgets. If your dad already has a DECKED system, these accessories are perfect to help keep his truck organized. —RC

Goal Zero Yeti 200X Power Station

Whether on a road trip, out camping, or as a backup at home, having a solar generator around is handy. Goal Zero has many great options for batteries and solar panels, but if your dad simply wants a power station that can charge small electronics, the Goal Zero Yeti 200X is an excellent choice. It is compact and easy to transport, making it a great option for RVs, car camping, and basecamp. You can charge headlamps, GPS, cell phones, and more, collecting power from the sun. The battery is also chargeable using a wall outlet or a car charger. –MC

YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

The Hopper M30 is the best soft cooler I’ve ever used. It is versatile and big enough for most of my pursuits. The M30 is my go-to river cooler during the summer and always sits in the bed of my truck for celebratory tailgate drinks after a successful day on the water. It works just as well as a beach cooler or anything else where you need to keep things cold. YETI solved my only complaint with the updated M30, adding an extra wide mouth that stays open while you access the inside. The strong magnets help the top stay sealed and lock the cold in. I’ve used my M30 in my duck boat, fishing boat, on the river, and at the beach. It is really an all-around cooler that any outdoorsman will love. —RC

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker

If your dad loves cooking, get him something he can use to grill, smoke, bake, roast, and more. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is the perfect way to support his hunting passions by providing a fun and delicious way to cook what he harvests. What makes this grill stand out is the digital component. It provides precise temperature control and settings to ensure you get the perfect product every time. You can even control the grill temperature and settings using your smartphone or tablet. Masterbuilt also has a larger grill option, but the one we list still provides 560 square feet of cooking space, which is plenty for most folks. –MC

Orca 75-Quart Cooler

I can’t think of a dad that wouldn’t be excited about getting a new cooler. If yours spends days in the backcountry or on the water, he’ll appreciate the spacious capacity of Orca’s 75-quart offering. The cavernous interior will tote up to 90 cans, enough food for a week, or a boned out whitetail. And it can keep all of the above cold for up to 10 days. It’ll soak up all the abuse your dad can dish out, thanks to the robust roto-molded construction. A unique cargo net on the rear holds small items, like bottle openers or cutting boards, at the ready. Like all of Orca’s coolers, this one is made in the USA. —JA

If you need more cooler recommendations, check out our roundups of the best coolers for camping and best coolers for fishing.

Duck Camp Hat

I am a hatbum—or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I have more hats than I can count and I love every one of them. But my two favorites are the mallard and pheasant from Duck Camp. I like to describe Duck Camps designs as a modern vintage look, featuring everything from ducks to brown trout. No matter what your dad loves to chase in the woods or on the water, there’s a good chance Duck Camp has a hat for him—and what dad couldn’t use another hat? —RC

KUIU Switchback Short

The Switchback Short from KUIU is versatile, comfortable, and rugged. The versatile short is perfect for summer hikes or long days at the range. Made from nylon and spandex which result in a water and stain resistant fabric that has two-way stretch for plenty of freedom of movement. On the right-hand side, a reinforced patch ensures the clip on Dad’s favorite knife won’t wear out his new favorite shorts. It comes in most sizes and has a true to size design, so order his normal size. If dad also needs a new pair of pants, check out KUIU’s Attack Pant. —RC

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