Never mess with a mother’s young. That’s the main takeaway from this recent video, which shows a coyote attacking a fawn — and getting absolutely stomped by a whitetail deer doe. The footage was shared on TikTok on July 4 by an account called “Zompster,” which did not specify where the wild scene took place.

The video shows a coyote attempting to drag a small fawn into cover from someone’s yard when the doe charges at it. The scene that ensues is pure chaos. The coyote keeps biting and pulling at the fawn while the doe spins around kicking and stomping at it. The footage shows the desperation that some wild animals will show when attempting to protect their offspring. Fair warning: it’s intense.

The coyote drags the fawn across the lawn as the doe charges after it. The fawn escapes for a moment and tries to flee, before the ‘yote lunges after it and latches onto its hindquarters. The battle goes on like this for a while before the doe successfully runs off the coyote. Of course, the canine comes back and tries one more time, but the doe stomps it again, before standing guard over her fawn. Watch the harrowing moments for yourself below.

At the end of the video, the fawn remains lying in the grass, clearly injured by the encounter. The fawn wags its tail and can be seen raising its head. It’s not clear whether or not the fawn will survive, but the doe clearly gave everything she had trying to protect it.

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According to LiveScience, coyotes typically weigh 20 to 50 pounds. They live across North America except for the continent’s polar regions. Coyotes typically hunt small prey, such as rodents, though groups of coyotes have been known to work together to kill deer.

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