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More About Tactical and Partial Reloads

I think the partial revolver reload is a critical skill to have and practice if you are carrying a wheelgun for self protection.  Your gun is “loaded” if it has one pr two rounds in the cylinder.  In the middle of a gunfight, I’d rather have two rounds right now than wait up to 10 more seconds to ensure that the gun is fully loaded.



Armed Lifestyle Magazine

Some of you will enjoy the content in this free online magazine.  I especially liked the article on Wild Bill Hickok.



Filthy Firearm: AR Accuracy Testing at 10,000 Rounds

How accurate would your rifle be after firing 10,000 rounds without cleaning?  You might be surprised.

Your rifle will last even longer if you regularly inspect it for damage and wear.  Read AR-15 Inspection: 15 Wear & Failure Points to Check



Real or hoax? Intention of 40% of school shooting threats unknown

Thousands of researchers have studied school shootings.  This is the first time I’ve seen a formal analysis of threats of school violence.  We know that many school shooters “leak” data about their plans or intentions in the period of time leading up to the attack.  Studying that commentary could be a valuable asset to help determine which threats are most likely credible.  Check out the source document (opens to PDF) as well if you have some extra time.



Preparedness for International Travel

A slightly paranoid but generally solid take on preparing for international travel.



Actively Armed – Concealed Carry Options for Running and Hiking

Good information.  Please be especially cautious if you choose to carry in one of the recommended belly bands.  If there is not a solid structure to protect the trigger, a round can be fired from pressure coming from outside the holster.  Reholstering with those devices is also exceptionally challenging.  In my opinion, all belly bands are sub-optimal in comparison to the PHL-ster Enigma.



Assets of CCW

Clint Smith’s thoughts about CCW.



Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier

What I’m reading…

I found this book after hearing the author interviewed on the Tim Ferriss podcast.  That podcast episode had so much valuable information that I’ve listened to it three times so far.  If you want a happier life, you should listen to it as well.  Arthur Brooks also wrote From Strength to Strength, a book about maintaining optimal performance as one ages.  Highly recommended as well.



Assessing the Symptoms of Excitable Delirium

Prisoners suffering from excitable delirium create quite a few in-custody deaths every year.  If you are a police officer, you should understand the symptoms of this condition, have medics on standby, and use force options that are most likely to be successful (TASER and LVNR).  Opens to PDF.



Cop Talk: Officer Involved Shootings: Need for a New Paradigm

A couple  more police-related articles for you this week.  Read and heed Massad Ayoob’s advice here.  Then read Eric Gelhaus’ thoughts on stop sticks and spike strips.  Finally, check out The Importance of Grip Strength for Law Enforcement Officers.



Firearm Pedantism

You may be right, but if you are a dickhead, no one will care.



“Murdered That Man For Laughs”: Shocking Video Of Out-Of-Control Teens In Vegas

My late friend Dr. William Aprill often said “they are not you.”  Would you run over a bicyclist for no reason at all, video record it, and then post it on social media?  If you can’t comprehend the depraved thought processes in these teen criminals’ brains, you have no way to adequately prepare for such violence. 



A Reminder That We Should Know How Pepper Spray Affects Us Too

This is yet another example of how criminal psychology is evolving.  The clerk here complies totally and still gets pepper sprayed.  Interestingly enough, I ate at a restaurant right next door to this store a few weeks ago.  Criminals are becoming very quick to use pepper spray, even when they don’t encounter resistance.  It’s sport to them (just like running the guy over was in the link above).  I’ve discussed the issue countless times before, but you should really know how to fight through an OC exposure.



The Science of CQB, Gunfighting, and Not Getting Shot

Interesting information comparing different room entry techniques.



Stabbing Deaths by Country

The media is awash with stories about deaths from ‘gun violence.”  Have yyou ever considered that criminals kill folks using other weapons as well?  Does it matter if you die from a gun or from a knife in a criminal attack?



The Handguns of the Texas Rangers

A bit of a history lesson from Massad Ayoob.



Elbow Pain Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis BAM the fix!

Most of my friends are into shooting, weightlifting, and/or grappling.  Consequently, many of them are constantly complaining of elbow pain from “tennis elbow” or “golf elbow.”  In my experience, this overuse injury really isn’t in the elbow joint itself, but the muscle and connective tissue above and below the joint.  This is the fastest way I’ve found to cure the problem.

Whenever I start getting some elbow pain, I smash the muscles of my forearm and tricep using a voodoo floss band like this a couple times a day.  Usually the pain will be gone in about a week.  For more information about this style of bodywork, I would recommend Dr. Kelly Starrett’s book.



Developing an Emergency Response Plan for the Training Environment

If you don’t have a solid plan for medical emergencies while training on your own or teaching classes, you are not engaging in industry best practices.  Educated students will avoid you and your classes.



Skills Check: Low-Capacity Reloading Drills

Some good drills to practice if you rely on a low capacity weapon (shotgun, lever action rifle, or even revolver) as a defensive firearm.

Looking for a drill to try with your semi-auto carry pistol?  Try the No Fail Shot Drill.

You rifle shooters can try the Rifle Mini-Navy Drill.




Ballistic gelatin testing of the new Punch .22 magnum round.  You can also see how the .38 special Punch round did HERE.




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