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Flying With Firearms In The United States

Tim Herron discusses how to smoothly fly with your firearms.  I agree with his advice.  I’ve flown 47 flights with guns this calendar year already and did 56 domestic flights with guns last year.  If you want a little more detail on the process read my ultimate guide to flying with guns.



Episode 104- Who Wins, Who Loses with John Hearne

John Hearne discusses his research about how to improve human performance under stress.  I’ve attended John’s full class on three different occasions and I’ve learned something new every time.

If you want more Hearne content, listen to his podcast moderating a panel that talks about the National Tactical Invitational.  I competed in the 2003 NTI. I can’t believe it was 20 years ago. Back then it was the premiere training conference/competition in the country. Now no one I teach has ever even heard of it. Are they uneducated or am I just old?



The Quick Draw: Hip Shooting And The Value Of Sights

A simple test showing that eye level sighted fire is a generally superior technique for most combative applications.  Give the test a try for yourself.



Set It & Forget It

Red dot advice from Erick Gelhaus.



Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Advice from the Experts

Check out these words of wisdom from some notable experts.  The most important tip?  “Everyone needs to take a shotgun-specific training course from a reputable instructor.”



Self-Defense: The Post-Incident Environment

Excellent advice for surviving the post event challenges.



Building a Pipe Shotgun with the Pop-A 410 DIY Kit

These might be useful plans someday.



Project: Contacting Self Defense Liability Providers Post Event

More of you should be thinking about this topic in advance of actually having to make this call.

You should also read Paul’s post about building an emergency power station.  This is truly life saving information.




If you have one of the SilencerCo cans listed above, it needs to be returned to the factory.



Gray Man Strategies 101



Please stop wearing your “tactical” clothes in public.  Blending in is a better strategy than making a tribal identity statement.



Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential

What I’m reading…

1026 pages for $9.00?  How can I pass this one up?



Understanding Reactionary Zones

Distance equals time.



A Decade of Mass Civilian Casualty Events from Improvised Explosive Devices

Phenomenal information about worldwide terrorist bombings.



The Police Revolver … It Ain’t Dead Yet!

I wouldn’t feel horrible if I had to go back to the street and work as a cop armed with a revolver.



Montie’s Law of Self-Defense

I’ve subscribed to this theory for a very long time.  I tell my students to act like a selfish child during the fight.  My turn.  My turn.  My turn.



connecting the dots

I met Nathalie a couple years ago on a retreat in Costa Rica. Since then she has shared a Burning Man adventure with me and I’ve accompanied her on a trip to Turkey.

She is one of the smartest and most insightful humans I’ve ever met.

Nathalie just left a lofty corporate HR position to start her own leadership development business. If you or your organization need any personal coaching or business leadership training, please check her out.



Thin H Pressure Bandage is Gone! 9 Quality Replacements

The Thin H bandage was one of my go-to pressure bandages for a small kit.  Here are some decent replacements.



The Dangers of After-Market Police Accessories: How Can You Avoid Them?

These types of parts breakages would be less of a surprise if officers trained in hard force on force scenarios with their duty gear.



Competition or Self-defense: Who Makes the Best Shooting Instructor?

From whom are you learning?  While you are on the site, you may also like to read Could You Survive a Terrorist Attack?



Keep Your Carbine Running: Dispelling Lubrication and Cleaning Myths

The late Pat Rogers dishes out definitive advice about the cleaning and lubrication of the AR-15 rifle.



.22 LR Trail Loads: A Comparison

Gelatin tests of some common .22 handgun loads.



Home Defense Shotguns with Sentinel Concepts

Steve Fisher shares some shotgun tips.



Following Through: A Shooting Fundamental

A fundamental that isn’t often emphasized in many handgun shooting programs.



Thoughts On Improving Holsters & Magazine Pouches

Dave Spaulding has some suggestions about making our carry gear work better.  For more Spaulding content, read Guest Shots: What to Practice, Part II.



Violations of Policy in Officer Prosecutions

“In the end, policies are internal guidelines, not the law.”



This happens more often than you might think.




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