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LEARN TO LOVE THAT RUSH | Inoculate Yourself From STRESS

Stress inoculation is an important component of training.



Intimidating Criminals at Gunpoint: Does Gun Choice Matter?

An interesting concept most folks haven’t considered.



How Hock trains with push daggers.  I think the best version of this weapon on the market right now is the Shivworks El Nino.  Combine that with their new Omni sheath and you will have a very effective centerline edged weapon for defensive purposes.



Get These Life-Saving Certifications Online for Free

For my medical friends. Get your BLS, ACLS, and PALS certifications/recerts FREE online.



Pre-Attack Indicators

A thorough compilation of the research about what “tells” a criminal displays immediately prior to his attack.  I’ve never seen anyone use or advocate his “emergency time out” hand positioning.  I liked the idea and implemented it regularly in my last couple years as a cop.  It worked well.  For more excellent body language information, listen to this excellent podcast.




Having an exit strategy is an important component of fight planning.



Xylazine Decreases Overdose Deaths?

Intelligent commentary about a recent drug trend throughout the United States.



Revolver Malfunctions and Stoppages

For those of you who believe the trope that “revolvers never jam.”



“Personal Weapons” Fatalities

John Hearne identifies a shocking trend in police fatalities. 

“It is an ugly truth but if the police cannot be trusted to protect themselves from criminals armed only with hands and feet, they cannot be trusted to protect you or your loved ones. This is just tragic reinforcement of the ugly reality that responsibility for your personal safety rests solely on your shoulders.”



3 Top Defensive Handgun Drills

A few great pistol drills here.  Want some more?  Check out this article from Richard Nance.  You might also want to try the Bakersfield Qualification.



John Holschen: Aligning Training with Reality

John Holschen is one of the great thinkers in the firearms training community.  I wish more students knew about and attended his training classes.  For a couple more excellent podcasts this week, listen to or watch Tips for Small Pistols and Fear Mongering or Rational Fear?  



Ammo and Guns as Investments?

A company that allows you to dollar cost average your ammunition as an investment.



“Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” is Garbage (Light Over Heat #50)

Dr. Yamane is dropping truth bombs.



60 Best Tactical Blogs and Websites

I have no idea what the criteria for judgement was, but I’m in the world’s top 10 Tactical Blogs.  I find it interesting that my blog is highly rated, yet I get about half of the page views that I got back in 2016.  Blogging is a dying art.  People get their news and entertainment from social media now.  Social media algorithms punish gun and self defense content.  If you want to keep reading my stuff, you can’t rely on your social media feeds.  Sign up for my weekly free email digest (on the top right of my homepage)or my daily full text and ad free emails on Patreon.



In teaching, don’t criticize, condemn, or complain

An important concept that you shooting coaches or instructors should embrace.



Doom Loops Are Multiplying

Let’s learn a bit about “doom loops.”



Hung By The Lanyard Until Dead

Clint Smith talks about flashlight retention lanyards.  To avoid all these issues, put a Retention Ring on your light.



The End of the Everyman

“For years, urban America has scorned its protectors. Far-left politicians and activists simultaneously demand the police to protect them and to defund the police. The federal government imposes ridiculous requirements on the armed forces. When a white civilian defends himself from aggressors, he is dragged through the mud.

Other modern societies stifle their heroes. The everyman spends most of his life at work, his soul ground away by never-ending tedium. Society prevents him from having any purpose in life other than being a digit in a spreadsheet and the producer of the next generation of digits. The only thing society values is money and status, and the pursuit of money and status. Society demands everything from the everyman, and gives him nothing in return.

Why would anyone want to be a hero? What does he get out of it? Why would someone act selflessly when he is raised in a society that promotes selfishness and punishes selflessness?

The everyman hero no longer rings true. Not to a society that trusts the wolf when he says that if you keep quiet, you will be okay. Not to an individual who sees no reason to sacrifice himself for a society that alienated him.

Why do readers dream of grand adventure in another world? Because this one has snuffed out all hope of adventure. Why do reader-inserts chase pleasure, wealth and fame in another world? Because the readers are conditioned to pursue them in this world. Why do otaku fantasise about catching a lucky break in another world? Because society won’t give them a break, because they won’t save themselves, because they see no reason to contribute to a society that alienates them.

You cannot have heroes in a society that rejects heroism.”



Top 20 AK Rifles & Soviet Weapons

The many varieties of AK rifles.

If you run an AK, you’ll also want to read Lubricating the Kalashnikov.



Mexican Confessions

Some guidelines for making “Mexican Carry” work for you.  I wish Matthew would start writing again.



Escalations of Violence

Michael Bane has been talking about this issue for a couple years now.  You all need to understand that being “reasonable” in a self defense encounter will no longer keep you out of prison.

“The rules have changed for criminals, and they have changed for us.”



Is Your Holster Craptastic?

Bad holsters are an endemic problem for concealed carriers.



Project Warhammer: Beginning a Shotgun Journey

Embracing the “Gospel of the Gauge.



The Gift of Violence: Practical Knowledge for Surviving and Thriving in a Dangerous World

What I’m reading….



Perp Attacks Man With Machete And Grapples Over Defenders Gun

Could you defend your firearm in this type of attack?




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