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In Defense Of The Defensive Revolver

Let’s start this edition of the Dump with some revolver knowledge.  Begin with the link above.  It’s Clint Smith’s take on the revolver in the modern world.  Then move on to Mike Boyle’s Round Gun In A Square Gun World.  Finally, read a 1955 article from Charles Askins called Belly Guns.

If those articles excited you, I still have a couple openings in my revolver class this Sunday.



Get Back In The Action: The New York Reload

Continuing with the revolver theme, Kevin conducts an experiment to determine if it is faster to reload a revolver with a speedloader or transition to a second firearm instead.



Guest Shot: The Danger of Trying to Run Backwards

Dave Spaulding’s thoughts on rearward movement in a gunfight.



Matches Vs. Fights Vs. Muggings

An important distinction that should be made when one begins training in the fighting arts.



Detecting a Concealed Weapon

Part of having good situational awareness is the ability to recognize who is carrying weapons in your environment.



How to make Murder while making Life

Combatives training tips for pregnant women.  The author’s thoughts on Momento Mori are timeless.



Two Men Rob Woman Sitting In Her Car

Watch how this robbery unfolds.  John gives some good advice about how to prevent it from happening.  Don’t loiter in your parked car.  If you have to wait in your car, lock your doors, keep it in gear, and regularly scan your mirrors.



Shooting Clothed Targets

I just spent last weekend shooting clothed torso targets at the Tactical Anatomy Instructor Course (review coming soon).  I think it’s a valuable component to add to your training.



A Security Guard Saw My Pocket Knife And Told Me To Hide It; I Thought He Saw Me Printing

I learned this lesson more than two decades ago when traveling through South America.  Folks notice pocket knife and flashlight clips far more than you think they do.  In adition to ensuring that my pistol is concealed, I also make sure my cover garments also conceal any pocket knife or flashlight clips as well.



Scope Mounting Made Easy: Tips from a Practiced Hand

You don’t actually need a gunsmith to mount a scope on your rifle.  You really can do it yourself.  This article from the late Ed Head will help you.



John Bianchi: The Life and Times of the Gun Leather Legend

An interesting biography of one of the world’s most prominent holster makers.



Safest Family on the Block: 101 Tips, Tricks, Habits, and Hacks to Protect Your Family at Home, at School, and in the World

What I’m reading…

I get lots of questions about family safety. As a single guy who has never been married and has no kids, I’m not the best person to answer those questions.

My friend Jason is much more qualified. He released a new book this week that does a wonderful job giving insightful advice about a lot of family issues ranging from safety to discipline.

I read an advance copy of the book and think it’s well worth the $5 investment. The book is packed with 433 pages of information, but is a fast read due to the book’s structure.

You parents will find it valuable.



TOP 10: The Best Shooting Instructors & Gunfighters of All-Time

Too many newly-minted firearms instructors are completely unaware f the history of our art.  I would submit that if you don’t know about these instructors and their contributions to our broad scope of knowledge, you probably shouldn’t be teaching commercial classes.  It’s time to start doing some research.



The Value of One Hand Shooting

Are you working your one-handed shooting skills?



How to Properly Apply and Store a Tourniquet

After seeing some horrible police tourniquet use badge cams in the last couple weeks, I think this article should be considered must read material.  You should definitely know how to use a tourniquet.  If you don’t, read this article.  Then come take one of my classes.



How Are Czech Gun Laws? (and Gun Stores)

I always enjoy learning about gun culture in other countries.



An informal .32 H&R Magnum test, and a lesson relearned.

Why you should always test your carry ammunition before relying on it for self protection.



How to STOP Using Eventbrite & Why The Firearm Industry Should Get Off The Platform

Although I still use Eventbrite for my classes, Jacob’s arguments make a lot of sense.  If you want to get off that platform and handle class registrations yourself, here’s how to do it.



Is Appendix Carry Right For You?

Have you considered appendix carry?  For even more information, read my article Thousands of Thugs Can’t be Wrong.



Take Action: Plan for Power Outages

Paul’s advice to deal with this summer’s likely power outages.



Building Rapport: Tips on Working with Foreign Populations

Excellent tips for foreign travelers.



Rim Lock | Serious Issue, or Overblown Concern?

This is an issue you should know about, but it doesn’t happen often enough to worry about.



Operational Accuracy

If you have any interest in police firearms training you should read both the linked article above and the Field Shooting Accuracy Study about which it was written.



Subduing a non-lethal opponent: 5 tips for effective ground fighting

Some thoughts on fighting on the ground.  For some more excellent ground fighting content, watch Cecil Burch’s Guard for the Mat and the Street.



Preventing Negligent Discharges While Eating at a Restaurant

Claude analyzes a negligent discharge that happened in a restaurant and provides some advice about how to avoid such an experience.



A small upgrade to the Ruger LCR .22

John discusses a valuable upgrade I perform on almost all of my carry firearms.



Initial Aggressors and Provocateurs

Why it’s a really bad idea to start fights.





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