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So You’ve Decided To Prepare For Civil Unrest

Paul’s thoughts on how best to prepare for any upcoming civil unrest.  When discussing civil unrest, it’s useful to take a look at current trends.  Read What the Well Dressed Criminal Will Wear in 2024.

You may also enjoy Prepare for an Economic Collapse.



Red Dot Considerations

Pistol red dot information.  You may also want to read Failure is Not an Option: Properly Mounting Your Pistol Optics.



History of Combat Shotguns: Military Shotguns Through the Ages

A very thorough history lesson covering the combative use of the shotgun.  I’m a big shotgun aficionado and have read almost everything published on combative shotgun use.  I still learned a few things reading this article.



Ballistic Eye Protection What You Need To Know

Some of the science behind eye protection.



Social Media Is the Problem

“And the ugly truth is that you’ve become addicted to arguing with the “End Is Nigh” sandwich board guy. The guy you used to quietly skirt, you now seek him out and you bring your friends and for some idiotic reason you think that if you just post a little bit more you’re going to get him to see reason. Or put him in his place.

Or maybe you don’t even know why you’re doing it. But you can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Thanks to Tamara Keel for originally sharing the link.



Range Etiquette: Safety Tips and Rules to Follow at the Shooting Range

Etiquette rules for public ranges.



The Ruger LCP 2 Literack: Little and Mighty

I much prefer the .22 version of the LCP to the .380 acp version.



The #1 Rule of “NO”

I like Altucher’s “Rules of No.”  This seems like a good rule to adopt. In order to say “yes” you must have two of the following three criteria:

– KNOWLEDGE: Will I learn something?
– FUN: Is it fun?
– MONEY: Is it financially worthwhile?

If not? The answer is an automatic “no.”  I’ve embraced this idea even more fully since my cancer diagnosis.



Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootings

A lot of details about active killer attacks thwarted by armed citizens.



Louisville PD: A Firearm Instructor Accidentally Shooting a Recruit Constitutes a ‘Serious Training Failure’

Yet another police training injury.  Read my article Police Training Deaths  to understand why these happen and how to prevent them.  And NEVER consent to participate in any police training session involving firearms.



CofV8: The Monkey Dance

This is an especially important post for my male readers. Learn about the “Monkey Dance” and how to diffuse it. Most of you guys are more likely to get into “Monkey Dance” situations than any other form of violence. Learn how to disengage.



How To Be Your Own Bodyguard: Self defense for men and women from a lifetime of protecting clients in hostile environments

What I’m reading…

My friend Nick Hughes updated his book and added more than 110 pages of new information.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  As always, Patreon supporters at the $5/month tier get my book reviews and highlights of all the books that I read every month.

If you’d like more content from Nick, read his article on HIGH PROBABILITY SELF-DEFENSE TECHNIQUES.



Blast Injury

First aid for explosive injuries.  For more information on the topic, read Test Your Knowledge: Diagnosis and Management of Blast Injuries in the ED. 



Famously Deadly: The Guns Used in Infamous Assassinations

You history buffs will enjoy this article.



Rear naked choke: the dossier

A very thorough explanation of the rear naked choke.  Thanks to Hock Hochheim for sharing the link.



The U.S. Air Marshal Pistol Qual


A challenging pistol drill.  If you are looking for more shooting drills, try Great Concealed Carry Shooting Drills.



Centerfire Rifle Wounds

More than you ever thought you needed to know about rifle bullet wounds.  Caution for some gory photos. 



Interview With Massad Ayoob — Part 1

Smart people read everything Massad Ayoob writes.  Read Part Two as well.



Things I Learned Traveling Abroad With My Family

Solid travel advice here.  Speaking of travel, TSA confirms plans to mandate mug shots for domestic air travel.



Skill Set: J Frame Revolver

Thoughts on the classic J-Frame.



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