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Vang Comp Thunderstick Summit – October 11-13 2024 | Fairfield, UT |

Despite the fact that one of the instructors is somewhat questionable, this is the best shotgun class in the country.  Register soon if you want to attend.  Registration just went live on Wednesday and there are fewer than 50 seats remaining.

If you can’t make the class and are looking for more shotgun content, read The Fighting Shotgun: A Tool for Professionals, Not Amateurs.



AIWB: A Frank Discussion on Carrying Forward of the Hip

Dave Spaulding’s thoughts on appendix carry.

For further information about carrying in the AIWB position, check out the Hauptman’s (of PHLster fame) entire concealed carry class from this year’s TacCon as well as the Top 6 Appendix Carry Mistakes to Avoid!



The Weapons of D-Day: An Overview of the Overlord’s Small Arms

This week marked the 80th anniversary of “D-Day.”  Take a look at the weapons both sides brought to the fight.  To get a deeper dive into the history of the battle, read A Strategic Look at Operation OVERLORD.



How To Safely Decock A Revolver

A lot of people have never built a skill set involving the safe handling of a revolver.  This is a critical skill to understand and to be able to perform.  The article does a great job showing both the techniques and what is happening with the parts inside the gun when you are de-cocking the revolver.

For more revolver historical content, read First Big Bore Sixguns – Part 3.



If you could only have one each?

“One rifle, one shotgun, one handgun. If you could only pick one of each; and that had to be used for hunting, home defense, or duty, which ones and why?”



Gun Curious: A Conversation with Dr. David Yamane

Read Gila Hays’ ACLDN interview with gun scholar Dr. David Yamane and then go buy his new book.  Dr. Yamane often discusses how modern gun culture differs from the days of old.  Read An Appeal To Modern Gun Culture for more information on that topic.



How to Use Cover, Lessons from the Special Operations Community

Some tips about using cover.



Thoughts on Home Construction for Prepared Citizens

Very solid information about best practices for home construction in our uncertain times.  For some tips about defending your homestead, check out Long Term Security and Defense of your Retreat Location.



On Training: Volume 1

What I’m reading…



SIRT 107 Armorer Course

If you use a SIRT pistol for your dryfire practice, this link might be useful.  It’s essentially an armorer course taught on video.



Is .22 LR Viable for Self Defense? Exploring the Controversy

Should you consider carrying a .22 for self protection?  For a historical look at how poorly some smaller caliber guns perform, read The Anarchist Assassin Who Killed a President.



Can You “Power Up” by Screaming?

Thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of screaming in combat.



8 Real Cases That Illustrate Why You Should Be Carrying a Gun at Home

Mas Ayoob provides some reasons why you might want to carry your gun inside your home.  For some more of Mas’ wisdom, read Self-Defense and the Law: Don’t Let a Bad Lawyer Fumble the Defense.



Can You Outshoot an FBI Agent? [Part 2: 1980s]

The FBI’s 1980s revolver qualification test.  For another shooting drill, try The Mad Minute.  Then understand It’s Not About the Drill.



Mental Rehearsal: A Powerful Tool

I’m in favor of mental rehearsal, but it must be done correctly.  You should mentally rehearse positive outcomes as well as the things that go bad.  When we constantly create imaginary negative scenarios in our thoughts, psychologists call it “paranoia.”  No one talks about the potential negative mental consequences of “crisis rehearsal.”  If done too much it’ the best possible way to build paranoia and catch yourself a serious case of PTSD.



How To Be Safe in Crowds: Adopting a Bias Towards Action

A good article on crowd safety considerations.



What’s The Purpose Of Your Carry Pistol?

Context and nuance matter in considering a CCW loadout.



Zello Walkie Talkie App for Emergency Communication: A Review

This might be a useful phone app to improve survival communication.



Smith & Wesson Announces Safety Alert for Select S&W Response Rifles

If you own a S&W Response rifle, check out the information in the article linked above.



Terminal Ballistics: How Bullets Wound and Kill

You bullet nerds will like this one.  It’s a history of the competing theories of bullet “stopping power.”



Running with a Fanny Pack

Now that I’ve retired, the fanny pack has become one of my primary carry methods.  Almost every day I go to the gym and on a long walk/hike.  Fanny pack carry is excellent for those environments.  In this article, Jeff Gonzales gives us some great carry tips for this increasingly common means of packing a pistol.



Private Citizen Helps Stop Active Killers But Pays Dearly

Watch this one.  Engaging an active killer as an armed citizen is an incredibly dangerous course of action in today’s environment.  Saving the day, only to be shot by the responding police/military personnel is a sub-optimal outcome.  Do you wonder if our hero thinks his response was worth it after being shot by the responding soldiers?



Projectile Protectors – Part I: Armor Plates

Taking a look at the different available hard plate body armor types.



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