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July Rangemaster Newsletter

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Civilian AED Ownership. Yup, It’s a Thing.

Jonathan Willis discusses a piece of medical gear that most folks don’t consider.



6 Required Behaviors To Stop Negligent Discharges – Follow These Like It’s Religion

Please internalize these behaviors.



Free targets

Some very beneficial handgun practice drills.  Each has its own printable target.  Don’t forget to train with your defensive shotgun as well.  Try the Shotgun Casino Drill.



Warrior Training Finder

The app’s creator took my class last weekend.  It looks like a great way to find and publicize training classes.



What If You Escaped from a Kidnapping?

Recoil Offgrid has some good long form content on kidnappings in foreign countries.  You’ll also want to check out What If Someone You Knew Was Kidnapped for Ransom?



Discipline and Speed Control

Jeff Gonzales has some advice for skill acquisition.



Finding Home Part 2 of 4: Local Culture

Part two of an excellent series full of insights you may not have considered when purchasing a “bug out” or rural property.



The White Report


Any of you interested in learning about “real life” gunfighters will find this webpage useful. It chronicles the life and some of the gunfights of retired DEA agent Frank White. Frank put 33 bullets into bad guys during his career. Not many folks get the opportunity for such action these days.  Frank passed away in December last year.  We’d all perform better if we learned from guys like him.



How to Shoot a Shotgun Faster (ft. Symtac Consulting)

Matt Haught teaches push/pull with the shotgun.

Speaking of shotguns, you might also like to read Clint Smith’s column on clearing shotgun malfunctions.



Positional Rifle Shooting for Survival [How-To Guide]

Positional shooting with a rifle.



THE ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE | Are You That Good … Or Just Lucky So Far?

“I can’t recall who said it, but I read a quote once in a tactical magazine and it really hit home: “Success is not a barometer for tactical proficiency.” In essence, just because the situation was resolved successfully does not necessarily mean the tactics used were good. That’s why it’s always wise in debriefs to be sure you delineate “good luck” from “good tactics.” The officer in this case has obviously never learned that lesson. Unfortunately, if he continues in the same manner, when he does learn it, it will most likely be the hard way. And by then, it may be too late.”

My cop readers should also pay attention to “furtive movement” shootings like this one analyzed by Massad Ayoob.



Binocular Masterclass | All About Optics | How to Choose Binoculars

Everything you’d ever want to know about binoculars.  I took Jon’s class on the subject at Rangemaster TacCon a couple years ago.  This video goes into even more depth than the class did.



Handguns: How Much Lubrication Do I Need?

Firearm lubrication is far simpler than most people believe.  Put a small drop of lubricant on any place where two pieces of metal rub together.  It is really that easy.  The best lubricant I’ve found is Slip 2000 EWL.



When Men Behave Badly: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault

What I’m reading…



Best Push Daggers: A Knife To A Knife Fight

Even though it’s pictured, the Shivworks push dagger isn’t mentioned in the article.  I think the El Nino is one of the better push daggers on the market.  I’ve been carrying it as my sole fixed blade knife for the last couple months.



Planning and Armed Congregants Top Church Security Measures

A look at the state of security in American Protestant churches.  Something else to consider: Does your church security team have female members?

I think armed female church security team members (carrying concealed), unlike their male counterparts, can better conduct an unexpected counter-ambush of an active killer.  Some security team members (regardless of sex) should carry concealed and not be identified to the congregation just in case the shooter is actually a  worshiper at the church.

While I admire the author’s desire to protect her church, she seems to lack some understanding about the job and her own abilities.  Long range shots in a very crowded environment are difficult to make with a pocket-carried .38 snub.  A lot of church security team members (like a lot of cops) tend to see their gun as a magic talisman that wards away evil just by the nature of carrying it.  “Security” doesn’t work that way.



RG 101: The One-Handed Revolver Reload

Can you reload your defensive revolver with only one hand?



Group Of Juveniles Rob Store Clerk

Robberies and mayhem committed by groups of feral youth are dramatically increasing.  Think about what you would do if you were in the store where this 15-year old starts firing shots at the safe and at the store clerk. 

Keep in mind the location.  It’s Austin, near where I currently live.  In this political environment, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see you criminally prosecuted for shooting this disadvantaged youth who was only expressing his frustration by firing a whole bunch of shots in the store.  The rules have changed, folks.  You can act reasonably and according to appropriate legal standards and still be thrown in jail.  If your instructor isn’t discussing these issues in your classes he/she is doing you a great disservice.




Sherman shares his thoughts on real firearm concealment.



Property Crime: Shifting the Power Back to the Homeowner

In the article, Shelley recommends having dogs. This is her pup.  I’m glad he likes me.


I talk a lot about preventing violent crime.  Property crime is far more common.  Here are some tips to reduce your chance of being victimized.



Bear spray to the face: Why Constable Drew Harrison is glad he was sprayed with OC

I have been exposed to pepper spray more than 50 times in my police career.  I strongly recommend that officers take a hit of it so that they better understand its effects and learn they can function even after having been sprayed.  Doing so likely saved this constable’s life.



Study – Amateur Boxers Have Triple The Rates of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Compared To General Population

I hope all my readers who do contact sparring/fighting understand the consequences of all the concussions most of us shrugged off 20+ years ago.  And on the topic of boxing, you fighters might like a look at how “road work” has evolved over the years.






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