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Knowledge bombs from “Training At The Speed Of Life” Instructor Training With Ken Murray

I took the training class Mike references here almost 20 years ago.  It’s life altering if you teach force on force scenario training.  Like the author, I’ve remained friends with Ken as well.  I’m looking forward to taking his class next year to see how things have advanced since I last attended.  If you are an instructor, you will benefit from Ken’s courses.  Everyone in the gun training world should also read his book.



Skill Set: Rule 3 “Testing”

Your ready positions matter.



What is “Training”?

There is a difference between training, testing, and practice.  You should be consciously pursuing each of those endeavors, but should be doing them at the proper time and in the proper order.



On Violence and Varietals: Confessions of a Savage Somm

What I’m reading….



The Dreaded Shooting Low and Left by Joel Park

Solid advice for you right handed shooters who shoot low and left.



What is the Concealment Camisole?

This might be a useful concealment option for my female readers.  You ladies may also like Summer Concealed Carry Tips.



What the Shoulders Say About Us

Body language tips that may help you avoid being a criminal’s target.

“Over my career I have interviewed a lot of criminals and I always made it a point to ask how they assessed their victims before they acted out. Over and over three things stood out, how their victims looked (frail, weak, not athletic), their overall situational awareness (never go after someone who sees you first), and their arm swing (vigorous arm movement or passive subdued).

And so to a criminal, our own intra-species predators, as Robert Hare would call them, how the shoulders look is a key factor for those who seek to prey on us. As one psychopath said to me, and this was very telling, “silverbacks don’t go after silverbacks, they go after everything else.” Good point.”



Tips to Become a Successful Firearms Instructor

Pat Mac’s advice for up and coming instructors.



Training Efficiency: Choose the Right Classes and Instructors

There are more great instructors teaching right now than ever in human history.  There are also a bunch of sub par teachers making good livings they don’t deserve.  In this article, Chris explains how to tell the difference between the two.



Do Your Water Purification Filters Perform As Advertised?

Paul Martin shares his valuable thoughts on water filters.



Answer, but don’t open your door

This is very good advice.  It’s much better to call out than to pretend no one is home.  If your house is targeted, they may initially try one of these scams to get inside.  If you don’t answer, they think no one is home and will walk around to the rear of the house (where they are less visible) and break in.  Call the police immediately if there is someone at your door asking to use the bathroom or telling you they are hurt.



Why Would You Choose An Unusual Gun?

Are you a gun hipster?



California man who pummeled, shot at female deputy found not guilty despite video of attack

Photo from article linked above

A very interesting case. A deputy responds to a call where a mother is reporting her schizophrenic adult son was threatening/attacking her.
Upon the deputy’s arrival, the son charged the deputy, beat her senseless, and took her gun. He fired multiple shots at her but missed. It doesn’t appear that she had considered carrying a backup gun for that kind of a situation and is only alive because of the son’s ineptitude or willful missed shots.
This is who is coming to save you when you call 911. If she had spent her money on a backup gun or combatives training instead of fake eyelashes, she might still be working.
Oh, and to make things even better, the jury found the son NOT GUILTY of assault, robbery (of her gun), and attempted murder. Prosecutors cited an “anti-police bias” in the jury pool.
Why would someone be a cop in this area? And why would any of the working cops do anything except slowly respond to scenes and take reports? The sea change is coming faster than I expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t status quo everywhere within the next few years.
If there is a single case that shows you why you better stop relying on the police and learn to take care of yourself, this is it.


For another example of a “professional” having his gun stolen, read Armed Guard Caught Off Guard, Gun Stolen And Armored Truck Attacked.



Why the Best Things in Life Are All Backwards

“The goal is to take your mind — a wonderful thing that has spent its life learning to chase various creatures — and teach it to stop chasing its own tail. To stop chasing meaning and freedom and happiness because those only serve to move it further away from itself. To teach it to achieve what it desires by giving up what it desires. To show it how the only way to reach the surface is by letting itself sink.

And how do we do this? By letting go. By giving up. By surrendering. Not out of weakness. But out of a respect that the world is beyond our grasp. By recognizing that we are fragile and limited and but temporary specks in the infinite reaches of time. You do it by relinquishing control, not because you feel powerless, but because you are powerful. Because you decide to let go of things that are beyond your control. You decide to accept that sometimes, people won’t like you, that often you will fail, that usually you have no fucking clue what you’re doing.

You lean into the fear and uncertainty, and just when you think you’re going to drown, just as you reach the bottom, it will launch you back to your salvation.”



Old West CCW

A great article for you history buffs.  For more history, read Old West Gunslingers: Not Like the Movies.



Red Dot Sights and Astigmatism

Red dot tips for those of you with an astigmatism.  If you are carrying a dot gun, you should go to a class to know how to use it.  Read Bryan’s review of Erick Gelhaus’ dot instructor program.  Take a class from Erick and subscribe to Bryan’s Patreon page.



How To Zero The Kalashnikov AK-47 & AK-74

Useful information for you AK shooters.



Rantoul Police investigating social media photos from sergeant involved in shooting

I don’t think that most people understand that EVERYTHING you post online will be used against you in a trail should you be forced to shoot someone.



Five Verbal Commands Every Woman Should Know

While I don’t agree that calling “Fire” is any better than “Help” these are universal skills that apply to both men and women.



Start Shooting Better Episode 9: Hateful 8

One of my favorite practice drills.  See my take on it HERE. If you want something a little less challenging, try The Par 5 Drill.




I think Sherman is one to something here.  I think that legal issues for traveling gun owners will become increasingly onerous in the future.  Having a gun like this may save you lots of problems.  There aren’t many domestic criminal problems that can’t be solved with 10 .357 magnum or six .30-30 rounds.



What I Would Like Clinical Psychologists to Know About Gun Owners (Light Over Heat #53)

“Guns are normal and normal people use guns.”



Testing the .38 Special Cartridge

Some very good accuracy and gelatin penetration testing of a few commonly-used .38 special defensive rounds.



Weapon Selection for Defensive Situations Insights

Weapons other than firearms you should be considering to defend yourself and you family.



Competitive Shooting — Dangerous Diversion or Practical Pastime?

I’m happy to see my friend Ralph Mroz writing again.




Snakebite Management (pre-hospital)

In last weekend’s medical class, I got lots of questions about snakebite treatment.  Here is a very definitive guide for snake bite wounds in North America.  Recognize that the protocols may be different for snakes from another country.



Long-Term Flashbang Teddy Bra Holster Review [2023]

A lot of good information about this unconventional holster



Security Guard Pulls Gun After Tussle With Unruly Guys



Discussing disparity of force and when the criminal is armed with pepper spray.





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