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Three Force Science Peer-Reviewed Articles Published

Three very useful scientific articles from Force Science.  these are must read if you are a police officer or involved in the firearms training field.



Homestead Security Basics

The two Christophers from The New Revenant Society continue their series about important aspects of a bug out location or rural homestead.  Make sure you read Finding Home Part 3 of 4: Environmental Factors as well.

If you enjoy this topic, you might also like Recoil Offgrid’s article about Moving to the Country.



Bag Guns — Practical or Fanboy Gimmick?

I generally agree with the author and see limited utility for a “bag gun.”  I have an AR-15 “pistol” that I carry in a bag on long drives with multi-night stays.  I carry it as a convenient way to pack a long gun for emergencies in the places I’m staying.  I don’t carry it on my person.



Keep your perspective as safe as you keep your jewelry

Quality advice from Grant Cunningham:

“If you’re a training hobbyist, a person who “loves” guns and defensive shooting, or a hardcore “prepper”, understand that always keeping your focus on violence and disruption can warp your psyche. After a while you see danger and disease everywhere you look; you’ll start to avoid enjoyable places and activities because you can’t be totally safe, totally in control.

If you find yourself saying things like “I won’t go anywhere I can’t carry my gun”, that’s a sign you’re on the slippery slope. Step back and open your eyes to the beauty you avoid out of a fear borne from over-exposure. Take some time off; instead of studying ballistics and draw strokes and martial arts techniques, take a pottery class or a course in art appreciation. Plant some flowers.

If you’re a defensive training instructor, I believe it’s your responsibility to give your students a realistic perspective about the world of self defense. Yes, bad things happen to good people, and they need to be ready to face evil if it visits them. At the same time, though, those incidents aren’t the norm; mortal danger doesn’t in fact lurk behind every blade of grass. Our students are not running patrols in Kosovo.

If you find yourself using phrases like “live in condition yellow” or “watch your six” in your classes, you might be contributing to the problem. If you’re telling your students that they should never go anywhere they can’t take their gun, you’re both encouraging their myopia and perpetuating the dangerous notion that every defensive situation requires shooting.

Take time off on a regular basis. Get away from “the business” and the topics you’re immersed in. Go to the beach or the mountains and just enjoy the quiet. Read books that don’t mention guns or dystopian futures.

Maybe plant some flowers yourself.”



Teacher Or Instructor … Which Are You?

An important distinction for any of you who impart information to others.



Alternatives to Red Dot Sights For Astigmatic Eyes

Some options if your astigmatism doesn’t like red dots.



Why So Many People Show Up When You Call 911

A common question I fielded in my police career.  I’d also add that cops often show up to direct traffic around the emergency equipment.  A fire engine, two medics, and a supervisor/quick reaction truck parked on the same road can really screw up traffic.  Cops also want to make sure that idiots don’t drive over fire hoses stretched across the roadway.



There’s no timer in a gunfight!


“In a life threatening situation, time is opportunity. In the gunfight variety of life threatening situation, those who make a deliberate effort to develop speed will be able to claim more of that opportunity for themselves. That’s why it’s absurd to see people online yakking about no timers in gunfights. Instead of the benign beep you get the report of incoming gunfire from the person who is trying to kill you.”



Lessons From Handgun Defense Failures Against Bears

I don’t know that I would consider all of these to be “failures” but it is interesting data nonetheless.



Episode 38. Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine

Alex and Whitney review the medical class I taught a couple weeks ago. Thank you for all the kind words!



Gunfight Shooting Positions: Tactics for Cars, Cover and More

Some alternate shooting positions you may consider practicing.



What every prepper should know about common American plants and weeds for TEOTWAWKI survival

A good review of some of the more common edible/medicinal plants that may be growing close to you.  This may be critical knowledge to have in the future.  You should also read Survival Botany (even if the author misidentified a wood sorrel leaf as a clover, wood sorrel tastes better than clover anyway).  This article may be useful for those of you interested in identifying wild mushrooms.



Cooper’s Color Code | You’re Doing it Wrong

Insights about Col. Cooper’s Color Code.



A very good webinar for those of you interested in wound care and closure.  I took the author’s online Laceration Course and found it to be extremely valuable if you are interested in sutures, staples, and glue.



Tactical Buzzwording and Practical Pistols

Tamara Keel discusses some of the different kinds of “shooting” classes you may take.



Beware the emphatic holster

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  The majority of gun owners who accidentally shoot themselves at the range do so while re-holstering their firearm.  I see far too many shooters slamming their guns back in the holster.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Re-holstering should always be done reluctantly and cautiously.



Developing the Combative Mindset

Tips for improving your mindset.




Situation: An attempted assassination turns into a giant cluster of confusion and malfunctioning weapons.

Lesson: Guns that don’t work can’t stop the people trying to kill you. Always have a backup plan in case the first plan fails. When the fight is over, some will get your story wrong.”



Hero Manager Stops Inebriated Man With A Gun

An unusual scenario to contemplate.



One-Reload-One Drill – Simple Shooting Drills

Try a simple drill like this one instead of mindlessly plinking during your next range session.



A simple mental exercise that increases your chances of surviving a gunfight

Some ways to battle normalcy bias. 



Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Revolvers?

If you’ve been reading my site for awhile, I’d hope you are classified as a “Wheel Gun Wonder.”  Speaking of revolvers, you wheel gun fans will probably also like ONLY ACCURATE (REVOLVERS) ARE INTERESTING…

And because you can never have too much revolver content, take a look at The Truth About Snub Nose Revolvers.



Living In An Active Shooter World

Marty Hayes’ thoughts on solving the active killer problem.




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