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How Outdated is Your First Aid Kit?

Some things you should be checking for.



Reliability Testing

I think Claude is on the right track here. 



Boosting Female Enrollment in Firearms Training

A very educational discussion featuring a lot of very highly skilled female firearms instructors I know.



AK-47 Magazines – What’s Good, What’s Better, What’s Best, and What to Avoid



Good guidelines for choosing AK magazines.  I think magazines will come under fire again soon.  It’s best to stock up on a lifetime supply so that you don’t suffer when normal capacity magazines are banned again.  Mags are available inexpensively now.  Buy all of them that you might ever need.




Hock’s Force Necessary Newsletter this month was full of excellent information.  Read this superb treatise on chokes.  Then read his thoughts on seated shooting.  Finally, watch his video on knife dueling.



Dearth of Knowledge

Read Kevin’s accounts of some recent expert witness cases he’s worked.  I can tell you from my own work in this field, his experiences are becoming more and more common.  Folks, the rules have changed.  Prosecutors will proceed with trials without even knowing the legal standards in their own states.  They will hire “experts” who will attempt to manipulate the facts and confuse the jury.

You don’t win when this happens.  The process is the punishment.  The only way to win is to avoid playing.



Aggressive Road Rage Turns Into Aggravated Assault Charges

Think about what you might do if you had been this woman.  Aggressive road raging like this is very common and increasing.



Hammer Time – The Best Tools for Nailing an Attacker

Being able to strike with a hammer fist if a very useful skill to acquire.  Besides reducing the chance of a hand injury, hammerfist tactics seamlessly transition into reverse grip knife work and using smaller impact weapons.



Moats’ Notes: Randy Watt, Guru of the Fighting-Shotgun

Previously heretical shotgun techniques that are now making it into the mainstream.  I figured out that my officers could load faster with their strong hands more than 20 years ago, because they never practiced the “optimal” ways my teachers taught me.  Sometimes your audience matters when you decide what techniques to teach.



2nd Amendment Nightmares in Las Vegas Increase

A warning for folks traveling to Las Vegas.



Why the Knife?



Nice article from my friend Chris Fry about using the knife for self defense.



The Last Policeman: A Novel (Last Policeman Trilogy Book 1)

What I’m reading…



Toss The “You Are Here” Map And Start Flying With A Partial Panel

“What do I mean by all of this?  Spend less time reading about bad things and spend more time getting prepared for it.  Train.  Stock up.  Jock up.  Learn new skills.  Clean out your closets.  Do preventative maintenance on your home, your body and your vehicles.  Here are my best practices.  Start doing these things now.

Note I am not saying “don’t be informed.”  I am saying “now that you have an idea of what the situation is, get better able to handle it if it comes to fruition.”  Reading and sharing more Tweets when you aren’t actively working on your family’s readiness is a waste of time.

Stop reading about preparedness and start doing preparedness.  Push yourself.  Push your gear and supplies.  Learn what it can do.  Unbox the generator and inverter you’ve stowed away “just in case” and start learning what they can and cannot do.  Test those batteries you’ve stored away.  Go through your medical supplies and see what needs to be rotated.

We were born to live at this time for a reason. Our life experiences are preparing us for the tasks before us.  Don’t blow your assignment because you spent time reading about the assignment.  Go do your assignment instead.”



Why They Kill

Breech Bang Clear gets it right (write?) yet again.  This is a book that should be in all of your libraries.  It’s been on my recommended reading list since I started the website.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy here.



The Defender Tactical Universal Mini Shell Adapter

Mini shells don’t really have a place in my self defense plans, but if you like them, this might be a useful accessory.



Liberty Ammo, Underwood Extreme Penetrator, and Buffalo Bore 38 Special Ballistics Test

Caleb tests some of the less traditional .38 special carry ammo out of several different barrel lengths.



Classic Carry: The Smith & Wesson Model 39

A deep dive into the history of an underappreciated weapon.  Tamara looks at the Smith model 39 and all its later descendants.  I carried a 3913 off duty for several years.  It’s one of the few guns I regret selling.



Why Our Brains Constantly Create New Threats

A fascinating look at how our brains view threatening people and behavior.  The trends identified here partially explain the behavior I wrote about in my “Summer of Snitches” article.



7 Reasons NOT to Buy a PHLster Enigma

PHLster is putting out incredibly educational CCW material.



Is there a g in gunslinger? Cognitive predictors of firearms proficiency

Interesting research study.



My Buddy Tito, The Violent Criminal Actor

Exploring the psychology of the violent criminals you will all encounter in daily life.



Training Notes

Why force on force training is so critical.



The Tom Givens ARMADA STANDARDS, Chemical Enhancement and the M&P 2.0 METAL

My buddy Sherman takes a look at how high levels of caffeine affect shooting performance.




Not all “tuckable” clips work the same way.






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