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My friend Nick Hughes answers an important question.



Are We Seeing A Revolver Renaissance?

Tamara drops some revolver knowledge.  And to back up her words, one of the classes I taught at the revolver roundup tested various speed strip loading strategies against the clock.  She’s right.  Strips with groups of two rounds separated by a gap are a significant advantage.  Furthermore, I taught those classes with a Monadnock de-jammer and a toothbrush in my back pocket.



Handgun World Podcast – top 10 drills, plus 2

This is a stellar resource for those of you who want an honest look at how good your pistol shooting skills are.  I would suggest that you start with the first drill and progress one by one until you find one that you can’t pass.  Work on the individual skills needed to pass that test until you can do it cleanly and then move on to the next.  This can serve as a decent stand alone training program program if you break down and practice the individual stages of these qualifications that you can’t pass.



Drill: The 5 in 10

Here’s one more shooting drill designed expressly for my revolver-carrying readers.



Defensive Strategies For Carjacking Robberies

Car jacking is one of many  crimes that have massively increased in recent years.  It’s good to have a strategy to avoid it.



Govt Cheese: A Memoir

Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite authors.  This is an autobiographical account of the dire circumstances he experienced that created the successful writer/playwright he is today.



“True Hero” Eli Dicken Cleared of Charges, Praised by Police

Filling in the details of the Indiana mall shooting.



Verbal Skills During An Armed Encounter

I’m often critical of my police students, but the one area where they regularly outperform my civilian students is in the arena of verbal commands.  Cops have lots of experience talking to (and yelling at) strangers.  Most of my armed citizen students lack that experience.  I would suggest taking some force on force training classes to help remedy that if you find it a personal weakness.

Speaking of Force on Force Training, I would also recommend you read Justin Dyal’s latest article on the topic.



Just Say No To Vehicle Holsters

Screaming it again for those of you sitting in the back of class:  “Your car is not a holster.”



Weapon Disarming

Steve Tarani provides some weapon disarming advice.  This skill should be in your skillset library.




A perspective that is slowly gaining traction in the training community, but this article is the first place I saw it articulated.  While lightning fast splits are helpful in the context of the shooting sports, they may be less useful in the context of self defense. 

If you are shooting faster than you can see and process information, you may be going too fast.  I know quite a few very elite police and military units that rarely shoot faster than half second splits in their training.  At that pace you can keep track of both your sights and your target, a useful thing in the middle of a gunfight.



Speaking As A Child of the Crime Bill of 1994

I’m happy to see Dr. Sherman House writing again.  You may also like his write-up of Chuck Haggard’s POCKET ROCKETS class.



Staring Vs Eye Contact: When Does Engagement Become a Threat?

“Eye fucking” someone is an insult in the criminal subculture.  When dealing with people I don’t know well, I smile, make brief eye contact, nod up if I know them and down if I don’t know them well.  Then my eyes move to check the subjects hands and waistband for weapons.



We Can Stop School Shooters! (75% of the time.)

I think the author is generally correct.  Interdicting “leakage” is probably the most effective way of stopping these acts before they happen.

Here’s one more useful article about school shootings.



4 Expert Lethal & Non-Lethal Setups For Protection Home & Abroad

A variety of perspectives on everyday carry items.



January Rangemaster Newsletter

Thanks to Tom for the shout out in this month’s edition.



How to Choose a Good IWB Holster Part 3 | Non-Traditional Considerations

Daniel’s final installment in his IWB holster selection series.



How to Become a Firearms Instructor

Kathy Jackson from Cornered Cat writes a great article about how to become a firearms instructor. She’s giving good advice. I see too many “professional” instructors stopping somewhere between steps one and three. Those are a start, but it’s not enough. Challenge yourself. Do more. Learn more. Your life and the lives of your future students will be improved.



Can You Fly With a Trauma Kit?

I carry a smaller trauma kit in my carry-on bag every time I fly.  It contains no scalpels, needles, or liquids.  I flew 57 flights in 2022 and never once had my trauma kit inspected by the TSA.



5 Common Myths on How to Survive a Gunfight

Mas shares solid advice here.  You should also read his most recent article on the differences between Castle Doctrine and “Stand Your Ground”laws.




ACLDN January E-Journal

I am a member of the ACLDN.  I think they are a great value in the field of self -defense financial protection products.  I also admire their commitment to education of the folks who belong to the network.  In this edition of their monthly journal, Karl Rehn has an outstanding article you should definitely read.



Safety Tip: Don’t Try To Catch a Dropped Gun

An often overlooked safety tip that should be shared with all novice shooters.



Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads to Date, With Links and a Glossary

This link is outside the scope of what I usually share, but I found it informative.  It contains a one paragraph summary of each of the “Twitter Files” releases since Elon Musk took over the social media network.  I hate Twitter and I really don’t care to follow all of the issues involved in any significant depth.  It’s outside my sphere of control so I’m not willing to spend much time on the topic.

This summary gives me a better understanding of what is going on without wasting valuable time digging in the weeds for information.



Some of the above links (from are affiliate links.  If you purchase these items, I get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.




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