AK Manuals, AK Targets and Aiming Offset Chart Stickers from VSS

AK User Guide

Practical Guide to the Operational Use of the AK-47/AKM & AK-74. This manual will enable the reader to competently use and maintain the weapon system.  Key topics include background and specifications, operating instructions, disassembly and assembly, proper firing procedures, malfunction/misfire procedures and operator level maintenance.

AK Handbook

Written for instructors and student and contain all necessary information to operate, maintain and effectively employ AK pattern rifles.  The 4”x6” size was specifically chosen to make it amenable to carry during range training, kept in a gun bag or thrown in a deployment box.  The methodology used reinforces clear, concise, and simple answers to the most common questions students ask. 

AK Zero Targets

The VSS 14 Meter Zero Target for AK-47/AKM Rifles includes overlayed windage drum illustrations for simple zeroing adjustments.   The targets also include AK-47/AKM specific info for those not familiar with the correct process for sighting in your weapon. 20 targets per pack.

AK Aiming Offset Chart Stickers

The AK Aiming Offset Charts are made to assist with target engagement at varying distances without adjusting your sights/optics once the rifle is zeroed (14m zero for 7.62 AK rifles and 21m zero for 5.45 AK rifles).  Place it on your buttstock for easy reference.  They contain a column of data for the distance you are shooting and a column for the hold offset at that distance.  Options for centimeters or inches, 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm, and color choices of brown, black or white.

These items are available at the VSS web store – shop.vig-sec.com/product-category/publications/ak-specific

VSS also provides non-standard weapons training for military units.  For more information visit foreignweapons.com or vig-sec.com.

Vigilant Security Services® (VSS) provides training, security consulting and products to the US military/government and the defense industry. VSS was founded in 2005 by US Army Special Forces veteran, Erik Lawrence and is located in Las Vegas, NV.

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