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Why I Have A Red Dot On My Pistol – Part 2

Scott Jedlinski’s thoughts on red dot optics.



Fanny Pack Mother Lode

The most common places I go when I leave my house are to the gym and to go hiking.  For both of those locations, carrying in a fanny pack is ideal.



The Revolver Resurgence: Practical or Fad?

“Pertaining to self-defense from humanoid predators, the definite practicality of the revolver remains in the small-frame, light-weight, variants. The Smith and Wesson aluminum and scandium framed J frame guns, and the Ruger LCR series, are the dominant players in this field. For a deep concealment gun, this sort of weapon is still hard to beat due to the small and rounded profile that naturally hides on the human body. Further, the inherent robustness of the self-contained system excels for deep concealment when carried in backup and alternate modes, such as pocket or ankle carry. So, this class of gun remains an excellent alternative to carrying no gun rather than an alternative to carrying a full-size pistol. If restricted due to dress or environment, having a small snub on-body is much better than having no handgun at all.”

Speking of revolvers, you may also like The Great Revolver Frame War – Part II.



Critical Thinking About Defensive Shooting

This is a topic about which I’ve changed my mind over the years.  Early in my instructor journey, I bought into the whole “gross motor skills” slide racking debate.  As this article describes, that’s a dumb justification.  If you don’t have the fine motor skills to hit a slide release, how are you going to pull your trigger or hit your mag release button?

Now, I don’t care how people release their slides.  Overhand, great.  Slingshot, great.  Slide release, great.  I personally use the (Glock extended) slide release.



Is Your Carbine’s Zero Wrong?

I can make a good argument for either a 50m or 100m defensive carbine zero.  I personally zero at 50 meters for my .223 AR-15s.



Active Threat Response Guide: Rediscover the Lost Art of Survival

What I’m reading….



Critical Incident Review Active Shooter at Robb Elementary School

The 600-page government analysis of the Uvalde school shooting.  Opens to PDF.



Bad Practice: Bad Holsters

High quality holster advice.  Pay attention here.



Silencers & Short Barrels for Home Defense

Should you use a class three weapons for home defense?



Knife, Pepper Spray, TASER, Pistol

“There were no winners on that painful day, only degrees of losing and suffering. Two law enforcement officers came close to dying and one violent man lost his life.

The officers now stood accused of wrongful death.”



The Assassination of William McKinley: Of Hopeless Causes and One Seriously Pathetic Pistol

Fascinating history of the assassination of a president, by a killer who used a .32 revolver covered by a handkerchief.



Going Too Far: Self-Defense Vs. Excessive Force

“What is reasonable will be determined by the jury, and it will be your responsibility (through your attorney asking you questions at trial) to convince the jury you needed to use the amount you used. Your job will be to convince the jury that the force used was no more than necessary to stop the criminal attack.”




Elbow strikes in a defensive scenario.



Man Bites Dog: Defending Yourself Against Dog Attacks

I like dogs and prefer not to kill them.  That’s why I carry POM pepper spray wherever I go.  It works well against almost all dogs and is a great way to deter an attack.  If that doesn’t work, knowing these techniques might be valuable.



Exploring Simpleshot’s Slingshots: Review and Class Experience

A slingshot is an under appreciated weapon.



Buying Your Second Gun

There are dozens of articles about buying your first gun.  I think buying your second gun is a topic that deserves more consideration.  Here are my thoughts on the topic.



Coat Hanger Machine Gun DIAS (Drop In Auto Sear)

Some forbidden knowledge that a few of you will find interesting.




I think specialization is suboptimal in a defensive context.



Annual Maintenance Tasks

Karl’s thoughts on annual gun maintenance.



Organizing Your Shooting Practice – I

“Start the new year off right with this easy to shoot, easy to practice drill.”

You may also want to try these drills as well Unconventional Shooting Positions: A Skills Test.  

Shooting Drill: The Hackathorn Standards



[How To] Disassemble, Clean, & Lube a Remington 870

I’m betting that most of you readers have an 870 at home.  Do you know how to detail strip and clean it?  You may also be interested in this article about shotgun optics.



Caring for Body Armor

Body armor basics.



The Safest Place to Sit to Avoid Danger

A topic that people should consider more thoroughly.







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