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Rob Leatham: How to Zero Your Pistol

“The Great One” talks about zeroing your CCW and competition handguns.



Slaying of the Sacred Cows… or things I think about late at night

My favorite article out of this week’s batch.



Snub-Nose Revolvers: Which is Right for You?

Massad Ayoob discusses snubby options.  You might also enjoy his piece on Keeping Ammo Handy.



Deep Concealment and Cold Weather

Wearing more layers of clothing adds layers of complexity to your draw stroke.



Taurus How-To Series: Basic Revolver Maintenance

Caleb covers revolver maintenance issues.



Pocket Holsters & Pocket Carry

The Revolver Guy talks pocket holsters.  You may also like Swift, Silent, Deadly’s take on the topic as well.



The Essential AR-15 Checklist

Valuable AR-15 information.



Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile

Taleb’s idea of “antifragility” really resonates with me.  Read this article that summarizes his work and then go buy his book.



Life-Saving Skills: Trauma Management Training | Dark Angel Medical

A free 30-minute training session for bleeding control and penetrating chest injuries.



Meet the Cap and Ball Revolver

Even if you have no interest in muzzle loaders, you should still be familiar how cap and ball pistols work.



Will a Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Survive the 500 Round Burndown?

Why most instructors think this gun is trash.  Having 15 rounds of shotgun ammo is actually a detriment rather than an asset.  It makes the gun very heavy and unwieldy.  In home defense scenarios, I seldom see shotgun users fire more than two rounds.



A Quick Guide To Fighting

Bill Blowers’ thoughts about what aspect of fight training that officers should be focusing on.



New study shows gun crime dropped after BFA-backed permitless carry law went into effect

How Ohio’s new permitless firearms carry legislation affected crime in several large cities.  BFA’s take on America’s first ‘assault weapon’ is worth reading as well.



A Skills Test for Beginners

Try this one on your next range training trip.



Best defense buckshot available* Gel test and patterning

This looks like a great option for those of you who can’t find or afford Federal Flight Control.



Popular Knives with Blades Less Than 2 Inches

My Last Ditch Knife design is getting some good press.  It’s now been on the market 15 years and still keeps selling.  The LDK is a handy blade if discreet concealment is what you are looking for.



Remington Subsonic .22 LR Safety Recall

I generally avoid shooting Remington ammunition.  If you have some of their subsonic .22, check the lot number for this recall.



Is 5.7x28mm Just Overpriced .22 Magnum? [Part 1]

A solid analysis of this controversial cartridge.



Hand Strength and Firearms: A Guide

How hand strength affects shooting ability.



Gun Owners Are Being Othered, And We’re Letting It Happen

“Here’s the brutal truth: Nobody cares about your rights. They care about their rights, and pretty much every gun group out there has done a spectacularly poor job of explaining how expanding gun rights helps society as a whole.”



The Case for the Glock 26 Pistol

During my last few years of police patrol work, my agency finally authorized the Glock 17 for a duty pistol.  As soon as I switched to that gun, I carried a 26 on my ankle for magazine compatibility.  I like the 26 more than I should.

Speaking of “perfection,” Tamara argues that The “Perfect Pistol” Doesn’t Exist.



Mega-Study Finds That Minorities Don’t Receive Harsher Criminal Punishments, But That Academics Said So Anyway

I’m not really shocked to realize that almost everything I was taught in my undergrad criminology classes has been proven to be incorrect.



David Goggins: How to Build Immense Inner Strength

Some of you might need this kick in the ass today.



7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Ass Kicked | Studying Violence

A relatively simple yet extremely valuable formula.



Dry Fire Part 1: Getting Started

Dry firing tips.  If you want to learn more, read Annette’s book.



NIJ’s New Body Armor Standards

Body armor standards and nomenclature are changing.  This article explains all the relevant differences between the new and old designations.



Carjacker Briefly Regrets Picking The Wrong Victim

The outcome and the tactics used by the driver are not that important here.  Watch how the carjacker uses the guy selling flags along the side of the road as a visual distraction in order to facilitate his approach of the target vehicle.  Pretty smart.  You can bet most drivers would probably be watching the waving flags and coming up with a plan to turn down the salesman if he approached.





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