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Guest Shot: Trendy or Noteworthy? Part II

“Too many instructors go off to a school and return to teach what they learned for no other reason than the course was fun and they learned some neat stuff. With so much on the line, there is no room for the trendy, only the proven. Proven techniques save lives, which is the primary goal of any training program. Because our training time and ammo is minimal, thus precious, we need to evaluate what we’re currently doing and ask, is this program really answering our needs or are we just teaching what appears to be “new?”

While you are on the Tactical Wire site, you should also read Around the Water Cooler, Rants — Reholstering.



The Revolver Reload — Shooting On the Clock

I prefer the “universal” reload technique, but the other two are fine as well.  I would stress the need to keep the muzzle oriented more vertically to allow gravity to help drop the rounds into place.  I also stabilize the but of the gun at my beltline for consistency.

And speaking of revolver reloads, you may be interested in the Galco 2x2x2 Ammo Carrier Review.



1911 Carry Conditions Explained

I’ve always found these designations to be confusing and almost useless.



9 Lifesaving Self Defense Tips From Pat McNamara

Pat Mac’s advice for staying alive.


Classic Carry: Ultimate Cop Revolver

It’s time for a few history lessons.  In this article Tam gives us a history lesson about what might be the best fighting revolver ever made.  Here is an article on Colt’s most famous Cap and Ball Revolvers.  Finally, Karl Rehn shares an article about a very interesting moving target competition from the 1950s.



Triangular Bandage: More Than A Dozen Uses

If I was limited to a single piece of medical gear, the triangular bandage is what I would choose.

Also on the topic of medical gear, you should definitely be carrying a med kit when using a chain saw.



How To Decrease The Cost of Use By 98% While Also Increasing The Brightness of Your Existing Tactical Flashlight

Some battery secrets.



When Does a .380 Beat a 9mm?

two-roundsAn excellent article from Grant Cunningham about the .380 auto cartridge.



Opening the Class: Instructor Introductions

A topic that doesn’t get as much coverage as it should.



On Living with Guns, Alcohol, and Complicity

Being a fan of both guns and alcohol, I find this to be an interesting comparison.



Wonderful Wadcutters

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the benefits of using wadcutters for self protection loads.



If My Department Won’t Pay …

“If the department won’t pay for it, then I’m not doing or getting it! So there!” Fair enough, cupcake.

I’m going to tell you one thing your department/city will most definitely pay for … your autopsy. That’s the bottom line. All officers should bear in mind that many departments and cities, both large and small, have budgets, backward thinking, and myopia when it involves what is realistically required for maximum officer efficiency.

This means the responsibility for your gear and training might very well come down to the individual initiative to be better equipped and trained absent the reliance upon a governing entity to provide such.

If you’re concerned about your future, train beyond what is “required” by your department!”

The author’s book The Art Of Modern Gunfighting is a valuable read.



Skills Check: Speed Trap

A shooting drill for you to try.  You may also like SSD’s Old Air Marshals Qual and Old Bakersfield PD Qual.



First Time I Have Seen Retaliation For Successful Self-Defense Caught on Camera

Another thing to consider before you get involved in a self protection scenario.



Hard Lessons: Fights

An extremely informative article from my friends at ISG.

“One of the reasons we practice extreme humility when it comes to our material is that ‘bad luck’ can snatch your life right out from under you. It doesn’t pay to get cocky about something you can’t control, and those who showboat what they can control (skill at arms) are missing the bigger, worthier part of the picture… that there is a razor line separating your existence as a sentient being and a rotting bag of meat and we can’t control it.”



Pistol Mounted Optics Updates

Great tips for you dot shooters.



14 Things Everyone Should Understand About Guns

“A simple list of 14 basic things everyone should understand before writing or talking about guns.”



Louis Awerbuck: Interview With a Madman

This is a 15-year old article, but the concepts Louis discusses are still relevant today.  It’s one of my biggest training regrets that I never got a chance to train with Mr. Awerbuck.  For those of you who have never heard of the man, read Tactical Reality and More Tactical Reality.



Hornady Critical Defense 410 Review

Probably one of the more effective .410 loads for personal defense.



Compensators for Concealed Carry: Are They Worth It?

An interesting article on compensators.  As I don’t carry red dot sights, I hadn’t considered the advantages of a comp in relation to finding the dot.  Overall, I don’t see much of a use for comps on defensive firearms.  Sometimes shooting faster isn’t the right answer.



Civilian Response Train the Trainer

A free online active killer response instructor certification.



Should More People Be Carrying Discreet Anti-Terror Kits?

Continuing on the topic of terrorists/active killers, I find this one to be an interesting perspective.  I’ve stopped telling folks what to do.  If you think you need to carry a rifle around with you, go for it.

I carry a folding stock AR-15 when I’m driving long distances.  My intention isn’t terrorist interdiction, but instead, a better way to defend a fixed position (hotel room, etc) against an attack by a superior force.  I really worry about breaking out a rifle in an active killer attack.  I think the chance of getting mistakenly killed by the responding police is entirely too great.  But you do you.

Before deciding, you may also want to listen to Michael Bane’s take on the issue.



Mostly Peaceful Election Scenarios

What is the chance of post-election violence and how bad will it be?



Top 9 Mistakes I See Training Classes

Fewer than 1% of gun owners will seek formal training beyond their CCW class.  If Mike is seeing these problems with the students who are showing up at his classes, imagine how big of an issue these things would be with an untrained shooter.



Post Office Gun Ban Unconstitutional Judge Rules, But Does That Mean You Can Carry There?

Don’t be in a hurry to carry at the post office quite yet.



Diagnosing Deteriorating Handgun Marksmanship

An important article from Massad Ayoob.  You may also like his piece on The Rise and Fall of the .40 S&W.




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