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Guest Shot: Trendy or Noteworthy? (Part I)

“Remember, fighting is final. If you engage in combat, you run the risk of being hurt or killed. It’s not a video game. There is no way to engage in nice fighting. There is no room for “politically correct” in this arena. I fear that some American cops and armed citizens have reached a time when force is preferably “minimal” instead of “objectively reasonable.”



The Martial Marksman Physical Fitness Hierarchy

A very comprehensive fitness article.  I really think all of you would be better served by a regular gym routine than a sub-one second draw.



FDA Extends Narcan Expiration Date

Your Narcan will probably work just fine after the expiration date.



A couple of common mistakes I see very regularly in my scenario-oriented training classes.



10 Advanced Handgun-Training Terms You Should Know

Anyone new to the game should probably understand these terms before taking their first shooting class.



Best AK-47 Ammo for Defense and Performance

7.62x39mm ballistic gelatin testing.



Where Did These Words Hurt You?

“As instructors and trainers, what can we do about these? We can all work on being clearer with what we say. Or stop being overly pedantic. Look into where a term or a phrase came from and why it was chosen. If you have a legitimately better term or phrase, look around and find a way to disseminate it widely. Please do that instead of making a Don Quixote-like charge on a lone windmill.

There you have it. Maybe no sacred cows were slain, but a few might have been injured.”



Front Sight: Three Swagger Novellas (Earl Swagger)

What I’m reading…



38 Different 9mm Loads

A single 50-round group fired by each of 38 different types of ammunition with a gun locked in a Ransom rest.  Interesting test results.



Responses to Mass Shooting Attacks

My friends at the ACLDN did a great interview with Ed Monk.  I’ve taken Ed’s active killer instructor course and I believe he is the nation’s leading authority on the topic.  You Ohioans should check out the seminar he is doing for Buckeye Firearms Association.



More Red Dot Tips

For those of you who run pistol mounted optics.  His followup article on Occluded Dot Practice is useful as well.



Top 20 Countries with the Greatest Numbers of Civilian Firearms

Interesting statistics for you world travelers.



Hostage Resolution

“Officers generally attempt to do the right thing for the right reasons. I get this. But some field confrontations exceed our capabilities. The ability to comprehend when one is “out of their depth” is essential and requires experienced supervision and instruction to relate to those not so experienced.

The best of intentions do not necessarily translate into successful resolution when the possessed skill sets are not commensurate with the intent.”



Appendix Carry Basics

A lot of appendix carry information.  You cops might also like their article on duty holster ride height.



February Newsletter

Tom’s monthly newsletter is mandatory reading.  In this edition, Tom discusses the Turkish copies of the Benelli shotguns.  If you want more information on the topic, you can also read Zach Cox’ article titled MAC1014.



Discoverable Content of Police Post Incident De-briefings

Although I went to the training class to become certified to conduct critical incident stress debriefings, I have never been sold on the entire process. I decided not to facilitate those debriefings even though I could.

Now I’d be even more hesitant to conduct one of these meetings. If you are a cop who is ordered to attend one after a critical incident, I would advise you to say nothing.

Thanks to Kevin Davis for finding the link.



The Non-Permissive Environment

A quality analysis of the issues involved when you choose to carry weapons in to a location that really doesn’t want you to have a gun (or knife, or sap…whatever).

“Laws are about ensuring compliance, whereas morality is about living in such a way that creates no victims.”

You can read some of my thoughts on the topic at Deep Concealment Options for the Non-Permissive enviroment.

NPE Carry: What is a Non-Permissive Environment (NPE)? contains valuable information as well.



Spalling and Richochet: How to Shoot Steel Safely

Steel targets are fun to shoot.  They are even more fun when you don’t have to go to the hospital after shooting them.



Is an Empty Chamber Dangerous?

Your quest for safety may be placing you in more danger than you might think.



Slip-Joint Folders

Some foreign countries do not allow the carrying locking blade knives.



Home Defense Considerations: Answering the Door

Criminals will very often approach initially by the front door.  Do you have a tactical plan for answering a knock at your door?  I think you should.  The author’s suggestion for the proper way to verbally dissuade the criminal is a very sound strategy.  Don’t open your door and make it easy for a criminal to get into your house.



Top 5 Drills and Skills Tests for Conceal Carry

Some excellent drills to try during your next practice session.  You may also want to try the 10-Round Skill Check – The Gunsite 250 Drill.



The Rise and Fall of the .357 Sig: A Historical Perspective

Massad Ayoob’s thoughts on this almost forgotten cartridge.



Revolvers Still Rule!

Excellent footage from Gunsite’s Revolver Roundup.  I will be teaching there again this year.  If you want to sign up, don’t delay.  There are only 17 open spots as of this week.




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