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10 Links I wish I had 10 years ago

A great reference no matter how long you’ve been in the shooting game.



Americans vastly overestimate police brutality

“Given these stakes, it is vital that news organisations provide greater context and balance in their reporting of police use of force. Ultimately, police reform may still be desirable, but its pursuit does not — and should not — require misleading the public about the nature and scope of the issue.”

On the topic of unarmed attackers, read Eggshell Skull: the Case of the Vulnerable Victim.  In it, Massad Ayoob asserts that an unarmed attacker can most definitely be a lethal force attack.



Thoughts On Spare Handguns

The importance of spare defensive handguns.



 Best Way to Get Attacked

Marc MacYoung discusses Peyton Quinn’s five rules for preventing an attack.  This is important advice.

1) Don’t Insult Him

2) Don’t Challenge Him

3) Don’t Threaten Him

4) Don’t Deny It’s Happening

5) Give Him A Face Saving Exit

“The word ‘Mother****er’ plays no part in de-escalation”



In last week’s Knowledge Dump, I mentioned how common it was that criminals are using pepper spray.  Here is an example.  Need another one?  Read Nordstrom Westfield Topanga Mall is ransacked by gang of FIFTY looters who targeted Bottega Veneta concession. 

How about one more?  Homeless Jackson Man Offers To Impregnate Tourist, Then Bear-Sprays Her

Michael Bane suggests some strategies for dealing with  large criminal groups in this week’s podcast episode.



Los Angeles Street Drug Price List, According to LAPD Undercover Buys

Up to date drug information from LAPD.



Pistol Disarms in the Land of NO-Guns.

It’s not enough just to be able to strip a gun from a criminal attacker.  You should also know how to use it should the fight continue.



Gun Review: The Smith & Wesson 43C — the snubbie you never heard of

I really like the 43C…so long as your particular model works.  The last three new J-frames I’ve purchased have come broken from the factory and had to go back after firing the first cylinder.  As much as I love Smith and Wessons, I can’t recommend their new revolvers anymore.  I think most shooters are better off with a Ruger LCR.



ToxCard: Crotalid Envenomation Part 1: Management of the Crotalid Envenomation

I get a lot of questions about snakebites in my medical classes.  Here are best practices for dealing with bites from the most common venomous snakes in the United States.



Self-Defense Skills: Mastering the Shoulder Stop for a Quick Counterattack

Michael Janich calls it the “shoulder stop.”  Tony Blauer calls it “The Spear.”  John Benner calls it “The Entry.”  All are very similar techniques each independently developed by top notch instructors.  Looking for the similarity between good systems as a way to evaluate the efficacy of a certain technique.



The Masculinity Manifesto: How a Man Establishes Influence, Credibility and Authority

What I’m reading…



Fenix PD35 V3.0 Flashlight

I’ve carried the Fenix PD35 as my primary flashlight for almost a decade.



Five Rules for Driving

This is some of the best driving advice you can read.



Episode 103- 3 Shooting Drills Every Cop Should Know- Wayne Dobbs

An excellent podcast full of some really useful shooting drills.

For some more options, try The 50 Round Practice Session But always remember, The Drill Does Not Matter.



Proper Combative Pistol Grip (And A Whole Lot More)

Dave Spaulding discusses optimal pistol gripping.



The Under-The-Extractor-Star Malfunction

This one doesn’t happen too often, but it’s still a malfunction you should be prepared to handle.

For some more revolver content, read Gear for Snub Revolvers. and Trigger-Meister Jerry Miculek.



Non-Metallic Knives: Stealthy Stash Blades

Some options for those of you who have to deal with metal detectors in your life.



Self-Defense Trials And Expert Witnesses

Some information about testifying as an expert witness.




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