Here’s the caption of a recent viral TikTok video: “My sister’s friend was trying to help these raccoons that got into her house and ended up getting attacked. Six rabis shots later…funniest video ever.”

Nothing is funnier than someone else having to get rabies shots, right? Here’s how it all goes down in the video. “I’m helping you out!” the woman says to a mama raccoon at her open window after it snaps at her. “Jesus!”

She is trying to help the raccoon get her kits out of the house. She holds the curtain out of the way so that the mother raccoon can get her kits, who are trying with various degrees of success to climb up onto the windowsill and escape. See the strange scene for yourself below.

The woman’s motives are pure. She’s just trying to help the raccoon family. The problem — and this happens with everything from mice to elephants — is that wild animals are dumb and can’t even tell when we’re acting in their best interests.

The woman eventually succeeds in handing over one of the kits, then tries to get the second off the floor. “Come on, let me get you,” she says to the baby ‘coon, who seems to have a limited grasp of English. Once again, the little raccoon fails to recognize that she’s trying to help it. Worse, mama reappears at the window as this happens. Then, once again, mama thinks the woman is endangering her baby and snaps at her. The woman screams and curses. Then, despite narrowly avoiding a bite, she keeps trying to help the raccoons.

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She gets the second raccoon kit to the window, and it exits the house. The woman tries to slide the window shut but, instead of being thankful, the mama raccoon appears again and chomps down hard on the woman’s wrist, for good measure, I suppose. “I didn’t do anything to you,” says the woman, which is true but absolutely beside the point. Finally, she succeeds in shutting the window. And then, presumably, goes to get her six rabies shots.

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