Here’s something that’s sure to make your skin crawl, especially if you don’t like snakes. A recent video posted to TikTok shows a tangle of giant reticulated pythons falling through the ceiling of a house in Malaysia. Seriously.

The strange incident took place at around 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 12, according to local news outlet Sinar Harian. A man and his daughter heard a strange noise coming from the ceiling of an adjacent room. Upon further investigation, they saw the tail of a snake poking through a broken part of the ceiling. They immediately called the Malaysia Civil Defense Department, which quickly responded to the scene.

The video shows a Civil Defence staffer using a pole-like device to unsuccessfully try to grab the tail of a python. Then, another worker taps on the ceiling underneath where the snake would be—and a mass of giant serpents breaks through the structure and falls. It’s the kind of thing you have to see to believe. Check it out for yourself below.

According to Sinar Harian, two pythons were found in the ceiling. Both snakes were around 16 feet long and weighed 70 pounds. The Civil Defense Department successfully subdued and removed those two snakes, which were believed to have been mating, as well as a 13-foot python that was found elsewhere in the residence. The workers reportedly released the snakes in a safe area away from people.

What is a Reticulated Python?

workers hold reticulated pythons
The massive snakes were safely removed from the home. Malaysian Civil Defense Department

According to the National Zoo & Aquarium, the reticulated python is considered the longest snake in the world and can grow to up to 32 feet long. They are non-venomous constrictor snakes and suffocate their prey, which can range from small mammals and birds to larger mammals such as deer and pigs.

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Reticulated pythons are native to rainforests and wetland areas across Southeast Asia. Female reticulated pythons are known to lay 25 to 100 eggs at a time. They are not typically aggressive, though they have killed and eaten people in rare cases. The species is known to maintain relatively large populations, even in heavily populated areas.

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