CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, Fla. – The 114th Space Control Squadron, a geographically separated unit assigned to the Florida Air National Guard’s 125th Fighter Wing, was redesignated as the 114th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron Jan. 14.

The redesignation more accurately associates the unit’s name with its mission and aligns it with active-duty Space Force counterparts who were redesignated last year. It also reflects the evolution of electromagnetic warfare technologies to the forefront of space operations.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Scott McGuire, commander of the 114th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron, said the squadron will now be recognized, by name, as a combat unit providing critical electromagnetic warfare functions to joint force warfighters across domains. At the same time, they will continue providing the same support to the U.S. Space Force. This change also recognizes that these Airmen offer the same capabilities as their active-duty Space Force counterparts.

The 114th’s mission is to organize, train and equip personnel to conduct electromagnetic attacks in contested, congested and constrained environments downrange, using specialized equipment such as the counter communications system, or CCS. The CCS denies communications from satellites in orbit, cutting off adversarial communications during a conflict, creating a safer, more secure environment for U.S. and joint warfighters.

“Successful space operations depend on dominating the electromagnetic spectrum,” said Ed Zoiss, president of the space and airborne systems segment for L3Harris Technologies and a Navy veteran. “Denying our enemies the ability to use their space assets protects U.S. warfighter operations.”

While the mission is the same, the newly designated electromagnetic warfare squadron remains committed to developing combat-trained, combat-ready and combat-focused Airmen ready to support warfighters across all domains.

“The Department of Defense’s growing dependence on the electromagnetic spectrum to remain connected and share data is only growing,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Anthony Surman, assistant operations officer at the 114th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron. “It’s important that we recognize that we need the capability to conduct both electromagnetic and kinetic attacks; we can deliver a multitude of options.”

Air National Guard units reporting to the former U.S. Space Command have continued supporting space-centric missions for the Space Force since its inception in 2019. The units have an atypical arrangement in which they fall under a major command of the Air Force while receiving operational taskings from the Space Force.

By Senior Airman Jacob Hancock, 125th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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