SOTech – Delta Omega Medical/Ordnance Pouch

SOTech’s new Medical/Ordnance Pouch or MOP earned the name Delta Omega because it uses a Delta triangular bottom cut to force the front magazine upward and Omega is defined as all-encompassing and all covering.

The MOP pouch is fully flapped with elastic draw cord that can cinch pouch girth to accommodate 2x NGSW-R magazine, 1x NGSW-R magazine as well as single and double and triple M4 magazines include P-MAGs and wide selection of US military ordnance. Quick reconfiguration loosening elastic cord and pulling tabs from side slots and attaching them together above the magazines converts the retention into an elastic pull tab speed draw.

Not only will it accept magazines for the new 6.8mm XM7 Next Generation Carbine, it offers a great deal of versatility. Additionally, MOP accepts (sold separately) SOTECH’s compression IFAK sleeve as well as small OrgBoard medical organizers.

Offered in MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Black.

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