Keep Nature Metal. In a more familiar state, the hashtag I’ve added to the bottom of every upload for as long as I can remember. It means exactly what it says: Keep nature metal, in other words, leave wildlife alone to do that thing they do. It’s a nice sentiment, something to print on a coffee cup to show you care, but hashtags don’t really do anything if there’s no action behind them.

Well, that all changes today.


I am very pleased to announce that our commitment to keeping nature metal is stronger than ever before. We have officially partnered with the ECO DEFENSE GROUP, and starting today, we have also pledged to cut them a check for 10% of everything we sell in our store. If you don’t know what EDG does or why they exist, keep reading.

There is a war going on, it’s a war that doesn’t get much press in comparison but it rages every day. The planet loses an estimated 1000 rhinos, 35000 elephants and 100,000 pangolins every year, along with countless others. The illegal animal trade affects 7000 different species of animal annually and shows no signs of slowing down. These animals are on their own against an enemy with superior technology, fueled by an insatiable greed.


Founded in 2017, South Africa’s ECO Defense Group is a 100% donor supported band of brothers that trains anti-poaching rangers to be the very last line of defence for these targeted species. Their ground team is made up of former US and UK Special Missions Unit experts who operate quietly in the national parks and reserves where our videos are generated, offering specialised training that would otherwise be unattainable without their help. Air/sea training, Fast Roping, Low Light, Intel Fusion-Ops and K9 programs are just a few of the areas where EDG lends their vast amount of expertise.

Without an organisation like Eco Defense Group, and without the unheralded dedication of the Rangers they support, there would be little standing in the way of these well-funded and brazen poaching syndicates, who are quite literally pillaging the natural world of its riches. Nature is Metal is committed to supporting EDG in their plight to protect these vulnerable species and help tip the scales towards the good guys for a change.

Visit the EDG website for more information about their work.

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