This shooting drill comes from Justin Dyal.  I found it at the link below.


The Double & 1 Drill: 10 Rounds Is All You Need



Instructions (per the article):


Double & 1 begins a scant 2.5 yards from the target on a tight time limit of only one second to fire two shots into the NRA B8 bullseye target from the low-ready position. For each succeeding string, the distance is doubled and an additional one second is allowed; hence Double & 1. The strings look like this:


String        Distance (Yards)  Time (Seconds) Shots From Ready
2.5   1 2
2 2
10  3 2
4 10 3 2
5 20 4 2
  Total shots 10/ Possible score 100    


The longtime standard NRA 25-yard rapid fire bullseye pistol target is scored by the rings. The baseline version has late hits subtracting ten points to force shots within the limits and allow shooters to compare scores whether using a shot timer or the turning target systems on newer indoor ranges.



I thought this drill would be ideal for me.   I can personally improve the most in my shooting game by reducing the amount of time I spend on “over confirming” my sight picture.  This drill combines bullseye accuracy with some tight time constraints.  I figured it would help me improve the process of seeing only what I need of the sight picture to successfully break the shot.  I ran it two times completely cold last week.



Except for the first stage, the time constraints were not as difficult as I thought they would be.  I fired each stage fast, and for most of them, I finished with lots of extra time to spare.  I shot a score of 92 points on my first attempt.



First Run. 92 points.


I ran the drill a second time trying to use a little more time.  On my second attempt, I better managed the time and my score improved to a 95/100.



Round two improved my score to a 95/100


I like this drill.  It’s very quick and doesn’t burn up too much ammo.  All stages are two shots and everything starts from the low ready position.  It makes the drill easy to administer and score.  It’s suitable for most indoor ranges as well. 



I think to simplify the drill even further I’m going to change it to a simple pass/fail test with all the rounds in the black of the B-8 under time being a “pass” and any holes outside the nine-ring being a “fail.”  That will make the drill even spicier.

Give this one a try.  I plan on using it as my warm up drill to start every range training session I do in 2024.





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