Last weekend I taught a snub revolver class in Delaware, Ohio.  As a way to test students’ proficiency and put students under a bit of stress, I adapted everyone’s favorite shotgun drill “Rolling Thunder” to revolvers, reloading using speed strips.


I split the class in half and had the two groups compete against each other.  As we had an odd number of students, I jumped in and competed with the second group.


The drill is run like shotgun rolling thunder where you can reload as soon as you are done shooting the stage, but you can’t shoot the next stage  until the person ahead of you in line fires his rounds from the previous stage.  Here are the stages:


1) Fire entire cylinder into target

2) Reload single round and fire it

3) Reload three rounds and fire them

4) Reload five rounds and fire them


Fastest total team time wins.  Check out video of the drill below.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.




Thank you to Blackwing Shooting Center for hosting the class and to Jessamy Bright for taking video.






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