I got this drill from Tom Givens.  He originally posted it in the July Rangemaster Newsletter.


Tom’s description is as follows:


This month we are going to shoot a qualification course that would normally be shot on a silhouette target, but substitute a B-8C or an FBI-IP1 bullseye target, scored as printed. This
raises the difficulty considerably, and reinforces mental discipline as well as the fundamentals of marksmanship. 

5 yards Draw and fire 5 rounds in 4 seconds

5 yards Start at The Ready, gun in dominant hand only. On
signal, fire 3 rounds in 3 seconds, dominant hand only

5 yards Start at The Ready. Same as above, but non-
dominant hand only.

7 yards Start with only 4 rounds in the gun, at The Ready.
On signal fire 4 rounds, reload, and fire 4 more rounds, all in
8 seconds.

10 yards Start at The Ready. On signal, fire 4 rounds in 4

15 yards Draw and fire 3 rounds in 6 seconds

25 yards Draw and fire 4 rounds in 10 seconds

30 rounds total 300 points possible 270+ to Pass

Penalize 10 points for every over-time shot fired.


I shot the drill about as “cold” as I could get.  I shot it first thing after I returned home from a trip to Uganda and Rwanda.  I hadn’t fired a gun or dry fired in more than six weeks.  I was a bit rusty and this was far from my best performance.  I still managed to pass.


I fired the drill three separate times with two different guns.  I shot a bit too fast.  I completed each drill segmented in the required time.  On some of the stages, I left way too much time on the clock.


I started out with my Glock 19 carried concealed in the appendix position using the Keepers Concealment Cornerstone holster and EDC Belt Company Foundation belt.






I felt OK with that performance and scored a 284/300.



I shot the drill again to try to improve my score.



I only improved by a single point 285/300 but shot a much tighter group.



Just for fun, I ran the drill again with my Ruger LCP II from a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster carried in my right front pocket.  I started each drill with my hand in my pocket.





Surprisingly, I didn’t do nearly as poorly as I expected and ended up shooting a 282 with the little pocket gun even though the target looked like I shot it with a buckshot shell.




I really liked this drill.  It was challenging, yet easy to set up and score.  Get some B-8s and give it a try.







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