CENTERVILLE, Iowa (May 22, 2023) – RMA Armament, Inc., the King of Armor®., the industry’s leader in ceramic hard armor performance in law enforcement and civilian markets is pleased to announce its women’s hard armor product line – the first of its kind available for direct purchase.

Beginning with the Level IV FSAPI armor kit, RMA is revolutionizing female hard body armor with the shape, curvature and size requirement needed to not only properly protect, but also provide comfort for female wearers.

Let’s face it; women have a vastly different anatomy than men. So women’s armor protection needs to take on a different size and shape. Accordingly, RMA’s new FSAPI Level 4 body armor for women has a proprietary female architecture. And, this FSAPI plate doesn’t cut corners when it comes to protection. Firstly, it’s rated to defeat the Level 4 body armor standard 30.06 M2AP. Additionally, it will also defeat M80 NATO, 7.62×39 MSC, M855, M855A1, XM193, and more.

The 1118 FSAPI Level IV female armor plate from RMA is available in a custom-engineered 9″x11″ size and also weighs only 7.0 lbs. (+/- .125lbs).

“We’re thrilled to launch this female armor line that’s been years in the making. Years of research has gone into the sizing and curvature of these plates. Obviously, protection from rifle threats is a very real need for women, but so too is functionality,” said RMA founder and owner Blake Waldrop. “So this life saving product hopes to fill the need the void that armor companies in the past have neglected. And this is just the start. We have many more exciting plans for our FSAPI plates in the future.” 

Due to the custom shape and size of the FSAPI front and back plates, RMA, along with its partner Shellback Tactical, have created the Queen Plate Carrier (QPC), specifically manufactured for RMA’s proprietary FSAPI plates.

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