The team sniper challenge was conducted at Fort Campbell, Kentucky with all proceeds from the match donated to The Special Forces Association, Chapter 38.

Columbia Falls, Mont. (May 2023) –On the heels of their win at the Dark Concepts Real World Sniper Challenge at the end of April,  PROOF Research®’s Weapons Test Specialist Greg Hamilton and Sean Murphy of Nightforce Optics took first place at the first annual Legion Team Sniper Challenge held May 6 – 7, 2023 at the 5th Special Forces Group’s range complex at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

The unique Special Forces stress shoot format was designed with the help of a sports psychologist in order to induce chaotic situations while being tested on target recognition, ranging, wind calling, non-standard shooting positions, problem-solving, and stress management. Most of the organizers and range officers for the inaugural match are current or former Army Special Forces and seasoned long-range competitors combining decades of field experience to create this two-man, two-day match. Thirty-plus teams, with a mix of civilian and military snipers/instructors, participated.

Hamilton shot as the primary shooter with a Barrett MRAD and PROOF Research pre-fit steel barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor. Murphy shot the secondary .223 carbine with a PROOF Research 18” stainless steel barrel.

“The Legion Team Sniper Challenge was a fast-paced and challenging event that required thinking and adapting to be successful. Our rifles delivered a high level of repeatable performance that enabled us to hit targets quickly and precisely, giving us an edge in the match, resulting in our second consecutive win in less than two weeks,” Murphy stated at the end of the match.

PROOF Research and Nightforce Optics were sponsors of the event.

PROOF Research is a well-known brand within the precision rifle community and is one of the leading barrel brands used by champion competitors in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL). Developed to enhance mission success for our warfighters, PROOF Research’s carbon fiber barrels are designed for long-range accuracy, performance, and reliability under any environmental condition.

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